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Nov 23, 2007
Hello everybody, i host Airborne servers since the game gone out, but now on a few days, i look at my CPU processes and saw that every MOHAServer.exe was taken 50% of machine. I run that manually and discovered one strange error that on the past that's not showed:

Can someone knows how can i solve that ?

Regards to everybody and waiting for answers


Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
CPU processes may be 100% of a single core in a dual core machine (or single core machine running hyperthread). You have to choose the option to see individual CPU usage instead of a combined CPU usage.

Not sure what that message alert is trying to say. Is the remote connection rejected a player trying to join or a failed rcon? Is the problem that no one can connect to join the server or that remote admin is failing? That kind of message would seem to indicate it is rejecting an improper connection attempt - which could be a defense against an overflow attack.

Depending on what is going on, you could try launching without PB to see if that eliminates the error. If it does, then you know you need to address something in PB to get it working correctly. You could also try setting a differnt port in the start up to see if their is something else trying to hit that port.

Hard to say, not having run across this myself.
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