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May 1, 2006
Let's get a list of everything you'd want to see toggable from the admin console. Here's a few I copied and pasted from the features thread and a few off the top of my head that I've heard around town, as it were:

- cross-hairs
- friendly fire
- vehicles
- bunny hopping (perhaps some sort of jump limit to toggle on)
- available weapons
- lean/run
- prone
- ironsights

remember, this thread is about binary options - on or off.


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Oct 23, 2002
- auto team balance
- health packs (if any)
- under weapons include, side arms, smoke grenades, reg. grenades
- along with cross-hairs any type of compass or HUD (realism guys love to remove these things)


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Aug 30, 2004
Coralville, Iowa
lets put an end to Clipping !

I miss it when I play CoD but I hates it when I play MoH:SH !

Definitely limit that bunny-hop

- built in lag-o-meter and fps meter for the narcisistic

- I like the name tags idea .. but lets keep the avatars visible only to team members - some of us are stuck in Spearhead and dont get "out much"

- is it possible for the typers and fiddlers to NOT have icons over their heads visible to all players ? if you gotta fiddle or type, do it dead !!

- hmm, there it is - END GAME CHAT !! lol -
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Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
classes (if class based play is an option)

voice chat

spectate follow different teams (off is same team only)

auto - join


curse word filtering (heh - mine would be off)


Sep 5, 2004
Cornwall, UK
The option to limit weapons. I don't mean just to turn them off/on, but to, say, limit snipers to one per team etc etc. You get what I mean. ;)

OOPS! Sorry BH. I just noticed this thread is for binary options. Sorry!

Ghost Dog

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Sep 17, 2004
- Blood (if available of course)
- Spectator mode (for clanmatches)
- Infinite ammo (for fun or during warmup)
- 3rd person
- Parachutes :D hehe, j/k

I think everything else is mentioned above, but if anything pops up I 'll let you know.
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- Auto teambalance with option not to switch clantag x
- Option to join clantag x in 1 team


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May 23, 2003
Clan vs button that forces all non clan members to the other team.

The ability to truely customize map rotation with minimal scripting allowing or not allowing all of the above items per map such as:

*weapon limiter
*ammo loadouts
*Allowing clan avatars/ ranks ie sgt lt mjr etc.../ Player names to be visible all of the time to friendly players or only when you have the cursor over the friendly players/ or never visible.
*iron sights
*grenade spamming - the ability to lock grenades X number of seconds before they appear in your load out.
*no bleeding/bleeding and how much damage per second
*bandaging from friendly players or yourself
*# of bandages
*hud which indicates friendly players only
*While still in the game you should not be able to press tab (scores) to see who is dead and still alive. on/off/friendly/enemy
*weapon jams and how often the jam
*Shell shock
*in game voice chat to team only (With available mute options etc)
*health packs - on/off or random with customizable health rate of return per second or fixed health number per pack
*sprinting/running toggle
*training mode - unlimited ammo/ whatever else for clan training sessions


If you are going to have toggles have them for arcade play and for realism. This game out of the box should be setup so that it can be highly customizable to administrators to select the type of gameplay they wish to run on a server.


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Jun 27, 2004
Manchester, UK
The main thing i would like to see if centred around the crosshairs

Have the ability to turn cross hairs from static to the moving one and vice versa, i hate cod and PA when your got a crosshair that just flys off the screen, i know its supposed to make your aiming harder because your walking blah blah blah, but at the end of the day, its a game, and i enjoy custom crosshairs, i never seen a dynamic cutom crosshair, so static crosshairs!!!!!!:D


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Aug 2, 2007
Cannot stress enough:

Probably fall under the case of when ironsights have been disabled (though disabling ironsights should revert accuracy models to ones similar to the older games) -

lean without ironsights.

Big must! I'm not huge on the idea of running with lean, but I think something like how SH has lean is very important.

edit: sorry for the bump, just realized the age of this thread lol


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Sep 29, 2004
At the moment much of the PC MP version is simply not there.

6 maps
3 Gametypes 2 of which are TDM and 1 CTF/domination mode.

Coupled with a near disaster at the MP summit due to just about every community feature not being present including a dedicated server version.

Airborne is on very shaky ground at the moment and Jim's review here on this site is a very very interesting read and eye opener.

The much talked about community feedback simply failed to be heard and as a consquence the game itself especially the MP is not looking at all like a must have item.
EA are promising fixes but to be honest the trust placed in this after ignoring all the community feedback is simply evaporating fast.


May 22, 2003
I have to agree with ButchCassidy on this one. Blackhat, you asked for input from the community for a year, you posted several requests for options that we would like to see and we gave it to you in truck loads. None of those suggestions materialized in the MP version unveiled at the MP summit. You talked a great game about "community involvement" and how important our input was and that the guys at EA are "really listening this time".

I'm sure you really believed that they were listening to you. I'm sure when they were nodding their heads when you were telling them about the things that were posted on the forums that you really thought they were agreeing with you. It's not your fault you got played...we all did.
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