Tips and Hints: Druckkammern


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Oct 19, 2002
This was taken from the EA site.


Tips and Hints: Druckkammern

Tug of War -- This exciting new multiplayer mode, where each side has a list of objectives to complete before the other team, is only found on the Druckkammern map in the Spearhead multiplayer demo. Here are some valuable tips when playing this map:

Make use of your smoke grenades, they're useful in obscuring vision in the levels. They can be especially useful in making it impossible to see anything in the sub clamp and pen door switch rooms.

The many small hallways and rooms make it possible to confuse and trap your enemy.

When approaching an enemy spawn point, try to remain out of sight and let any enemy soldiers nearby pass. This way you can sneak up and destroy their spawn without dead enemies re-spawning nearby.

When an objective has been taken, regroup before going for the next objective.

The Allies can sometimes sneak a cherry-picker into the sub to throw the switch as soon as the other two objectives have been completed.

As Axis in TOW: To get a quick win against the Allies, try blowing up the Higgins boat before they complete one of their objectives. Doing so will automatically win you the round. If the Allies complete one of the objectives before you blow the boat, you will have to kill off the rest of the Allies or close the sub clamps and pen doors.

As Axis for TOW: Station a soldier to guard the sub clamp and pen door switches. Have a sniper perched high up with a good view of the sub controls in case the Allies are on the verge of taking the sub.

As Allies for TOW: Since the Axis will converge on the sub if you release the clamps and open the doors, it is best to have a soldier hiding out at the sub controls so that you can get the quick win after completing the first two objectives.

Go for the re-spawn point if the main objectives are too rough.
Find the objectives and complete them; you can score more points that way than by chasing kills.

Use the crates as cover.

Look both ways before crossing the catwalks, snipers are deadly


Sep 22, 2003
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Since its a sticky thread, may as well add a server related aspect:

At least two of us have fixed our servers' shutting down from "oversize infostring" errors by removing this map from our rotation. The server can now run nice and stable.

Maybe someone can figure out what the issue is and fix the map. I am too much of a n00b to maps and mods to do it myself.


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Oct 19, 2002
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For one, who the hell are you talking to?

And two, this was posted when the demo was out, and moved here for some reason. I didn't do it, so maybe you should ask RudeDog. Oh, and watch the attitude little one.


Apr 4, 2003
Probably irrelevant to most here, but i did my own guide to Spearhead's Tug of War mode, including screenshots of all the main locations on the maps. It's in portuguese, and pretty simple but if anyone is interested in hosting an English version of it i'm more than happy to translate it!

Cheers! ;)

(This is not a Nazi clan despite the swastika! just to be clear for non-Portuguese readers! :p )
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