TCC League COD4/5 New Seasons - Team Sign-up Phase


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Nov 28, 2006
TCC League has opened up the "Team Sign-up Phase" for the upcoming league seasons offered in COD4 and COD5. Get your team together and sign-up today!

Team sign-up will remain open until June 21st. The sooner teams signs up, the sooner the staff will be able to start planning.

Team captains, talk to your team members and post map ideas for the upcoming season(s) in the appropriate team captains forum post. Our staff will certainly use any feedback gather from teams when picking the upcoming seasons maps.


- Any teams new to the community this season, please review the help section under League Info link in the menu or here:

- New Team Captains, post here to request access to the team captains forums:

Teams are allowed to have ( 1 ) Team Captain and ( 2 ) Co-Captains access the team captains forums.

- Any other questions you may have, please send a staff member a PM or post it up in the forums. We are here to help.

Staff list can be found here:

We hope to see you all for another season!
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