TCC BF3 Conquest League


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Nov 28, 2006
Just wanted to share the following information with those of you that maybe interested. This league is for those interested in playing a hardcore tactical ruleset. TCC stands for Tactical Clan Competition.

As we start preparations for the inaugural season for TCC BF3 Conquest league we have created the event and it is now in the TEAM SIGN-UP PHASE.

So get your team signed up today!
Team sign-up phase will close on March. 25, 2011. If your team is not listed as part of the event by the cut date above they will not be put into the upcoming season match schedule. So be sure to get your team signed up in time.

There is a help section in the main menu on the TCC website that should provide all the information you will need for creating your team and then having your team join the event you are interested in.

If you need any additional help, please contact one of the TCC League admin listed on the admin roster for more help.

Thank you,
TCC League Admin Staff
For more information head over to the TCC League website:
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