Server Questions


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Mar 2, 2010
I have a few of them!

1) Is the majority of the community going with 'ranked' or 'official' servers? I was reading another thread that stated that you would loose the Quick Match people but another person states that doesn't matter anyways. Thoughts?

2) Are all of the servers crashing after 2-3 map rotations? Or just ours?

3) What is the RCON tool of choice now?

Thanks for the responses!


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Aug 9, 2010
Lillooet British Columbia , Canada
Mappers United: we have 1 server Ranked Hardcore and another UNRANKED .

We use RCONNET for BF4

Some unstability that is due to the 2 anticheat services PB and Fairfight implementation. Dice is looking into it.
Some rubber banding and the odd iddle period before next map. All in all not very dramatic. The game play at good fraem rate on an old GTX 560Ti - i7 2600k. ( 75-65) on medium and some low no AA at all. The gfx look stunning

Other than that the game is very very good. Better launch than BF3.
I am enjoying it a lot and so are our guys.


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Aug 30, 2004
Coralville, Iowa
Google fairfight video - its a basic formula - kill a lotta people over a short period of time and you will be admin killed.

very bad implementation. I hope to disable it without screwing up server access.
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