Scan Multiple Servers


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Jan 19, 2010
We have are renting our servers and i have been using autokick but I am trying to set up where I scan all 5 of our servers with a tool similiar to autokick. Pretty much is there a mod I can do to autokick that can make it scan multiple servers or is there another tool. Thanks for your help!



Feb 18, 2009
Not yet...

The original AutoKick was written in VB, AK2 (not released) was cross-platform and written in C++ (Borland), current development (yet to be named) is a complete rewrite in C++ (gcc) that is client-server and uses a new set of custom libraries.

Although a lot of the Borland code (ex: scan plugins) will be pulled into the new AK pretty much intact, all of the backend (daemon/service management, database, GUI) has to be rebuilt almost entirely from scratch.

I realize this doesn't help you now, but I wanted to let you know that I'm at least working on it.
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