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Oct 20, 2004
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Long before first person shooters dominated the console market with multiplayer that added everything from throwing knives to nuclear bombs, there was a pure simplicity to playing with friends online. That last bastion of pureness was released November 5, 2007. It was the original Modern Warfare, Call of Duty 4. The game revolutionized a stagnant first person shooter market, creating a ripple effect that would lead to nuclear bombs and billion dollar, world record entertainment releases.

However, as that series and its competition rolled along, that sense of a pure, no nonsense experience faded further into the background, only to be replaced by camping to gain perks for unleash the aforementioned nuclear warfare. Every fall there are legions of people that line up to get the newest Call of Duty. Sprinkled among those masses are children and adults alike that are ready and willing to spend sixty dollars or more to find their favorite corner of each map, lie down and wait until they can pick off enough targets to gain bragging rights. For this gamer, sixty dollars to lie down is spent on a nice pillow, not a game.

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When you want to have a sense of competition without the laying down, the nuclear warfare or spawn camping, you can still pop in Call of Duty 4. The graphics might be outdated and it might not be as stable as it once was, but it’s playable.

If you want the graphics of today with the pureness of yesteryear, you needn’t have looked further than a small booth in the shadow of Activision at E3. Plastic Piranha showcased Rekoil at E3, powered by the Unreal Engine and getting back to the core gaming principle of balanced gameplay in a competitive setting.

Showcasing several maps playable on the various PCs set up, Rekoil was the unsung hero of E3. This wasn’t a booth frequented for free swag. The swag just happened to be there as swaths of people learned about the back to the future nature of the game. Back in time when first person shooters were pure, fast forward to the graphics of today.

Balance is key in first person shooters, and Plastic Piranha knocks it out of the park. The team itself is comprised of several notable individuals from the modding community and it shows. From the maps to the weapons, there is a good feeling of going back to before thermal imaging and heartbeat sensors assisted campers.

Not only does Rekoil come with a robust multiplayer that had attendees of E3 locked into the Plastic Piranha booth, the small piece of the storyline itself is intriguing with interesting looking characters, the Minutemen, attempting to survive a global pandemic against the group trying to hold them down, Darkwater Inc.

The beauty of this IP is found in the independence of the studio. Through Rekoil, Plastic Piranha is forging a bond not only with a quality gaming, but also with a community that is crying out for that balanced, pure experience.

When Rekoil releases it could draw in those gamers and allow them to kick back, no pun intended, and enjoy a game that has long since passed on. Rekoil has the opportunity to be the revival that core first person shooter fans have been waiting for.

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