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Oct 28, 2004
we were messing with it admin tool and tried to force screenshots and couldnt get it to work - is this feature not available or am i doing something wrong or is there something else thats needs to be done?


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Sep 9, 2004
MOHPA has PunkBuster capabilities.

Check out www.evenbalance.com

PB will do random screenshots and automatically upload to the server with a checksum attached.

You may also force ss via PB via the pb_sv_getss ## whereas the ## is the punkbuster client number.

We archive our ss daily from our MOHPA server as well as all of our PB enabled game servers. If you'd like to check them out just visit HERE

You'll need winrar to unzip the files.

The PunkBuster client number is different than the regular game client number. To see a list of players you'd enter the command pb_plist

However! There is currently a bug where as the pb clients are not responding to commands issued such as pb_plist. Evenbalance has told me that they are working on a fix and a new version will be issued very soon.


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Nov 23, 2004
An update on the "commands not working" issue. It seems they are WORKING, just not as we expected. You can see for yourself by entering pb_logtofile 1 to create a pbcl.log file. Then start playing with commands, like pb_list and others when on a server. Check your log afterwards, and you will see the responses and commands all there in the log. The problem seems to be that there is just no feedback in the console. This issue will likely take a game patch to fix. Also, it seems that the server ignores PB commands issued over rcon, they work when entered directly, but an rcon from your client will just be ignored if it contains a PB command.


Nov 7, 2004
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As I just released the PB-enabled version of the HLC Rcon Utility, this was a concern for me also.

I asked EA about it, and they acknowledged that this is a game issue, that will be fixed in the 2nd patch.

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