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Jul 5, 2010
if anyone could help me out when I bring rcon up i can not get slots or ip's to show in console it just stopped working I have reinstalled mohaa , my rcon tool , tried differant tool nothing out of ideas any help would be greatly appreciated ... my email is or on mff tss all the time I will check this forum too thanks for all your help in advance and love the site just found it ....


Sep 22, 2003
St Louis
I forget if the magic number is 16 or 18 slots, but if you exceed that number, there is a bug in the code that makes the rcon cease to respond. You get nothing. It is a server side issue, fixed by rebooting the box (not the stopping and restarting the game but the box itself). No fix has ever been posted to my knowledge. Try rebooting the server (assuming you can) and see if that fixes it.
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