my fears


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Aug 5, 2007
i fear the rifle camping elitist snobs are gonna trash this game

- smgs shoot too good

- the guns need to sway more

- bandages should take 30 sec.s to appy

- aiming after sprinting is too fast

- sprinting is too fast in gen.

ect. you get my point

the fourm is full of TMD hatred
and now TW has really just stuck thier nose up at the TDM guys and released five maps
only 2 of which will be TDM

not looking good so far

im glad most of my friends are waiting for the release before they buy
cause this is starting to look bad

if they trash TDM for the sake of the objective game modes
ill never buy another TW game ... and i have all of them so far
so i dont see how i have not supported them

massive gripfest about TDM and lack of tdm maps
4 out of 10 will be tdm
maybe more after release .. but we'll have to wait and see
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I think the problem probably is that they want to open the game up to the wider public so have to take routes that the everyday gamer can relate to. In a nutshell I guess this means making it play partly like people are used to, al la COD games.

The risk in doing this is alienating the diehard original RO fans. Its always going to be a tough call, one I wouldn't want to be calling the shots on.

I guess if it has the spirit of the original game but the potential to give the game a large player base then the diehards will have to take a hit here and there to increase the longevity of their game and the positives a bigger player base bring.


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Aug 5, 2007
it feels like the the base of the game is there
just the guns dont sway like flags in the wind when looking with iron sights
and the smgs dont look at the sky aftre 3 shots

there is some new avtars and things in relaxed realisim
but i think all that gets turned off in " hardcore" mode

i might be wrong .. but i think this is their last " free" UT engine license
from the make something unreal contest

i think they'll have to buy the rights to use another
i dont see how this is gonna happen by giving TDM the shaft


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Sep 23, 2003
Espanola, Ontario, Canada
i dont see how this is gonna happen by giving TDM the shaft
They are not giving it the shaft, they have priorities their man hours to get the game out a.s.a.p.

I'm sure they will make many maps that are TDM in the future. Tripwire has been extremely supporting to the pc gaming community, cut them some slack and be a little patient. You know it's a great game.

By the way, Rising Storm has announced that their released date sometime before q4 2012
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