MW3 dedicated servers to be only (theory)


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May 7, 2007
Ok i have just got off the irc with gameservers and i asked the following question

Q,could i ask if are in talks with iw /activision to be sole provider for mw3 servers

To which gs|limp_bizkit| responded

A,That information is not publicly available at this time

Now make of this what you will but to me if they were not getting into bed with activision again then they would have responded no such deal exist so for me this is means they are and they cannot say anything yet


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Oct 20, 2004
Louth, Ireland
Well i must say it does raise questions as the last time I asked Quon i got this:

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@KhamulGER Do i need to use a Rcon tool like CODBO? Did you note that so far only @gameservers_com have announced MW3 pre-order servers?
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@TheRealZeRoY I've seen a few preoder offerings

Something's cooking for sure anyways, 3 week to go and ZERO info. :confused: :undecided

EDIT: Other Providers are still listing MW3 for Pre-order of Server renting:


Note that those could be just GSP going ahead without infos
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May 7, 2007
i have since had another response from GS.Quon


FYI - if it helps you from putting the tin cap on forming theories - At this point in time, we ( do not have any idea what MW3 is planning to do besides what they have stated publicly for PC game servers. We have tried to make contact but I think they must be hyper focused on other portions of the release.

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