Linux server, unable to login to server


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Feb 11, 2008
Hi guys,

I'm trying to get our server started and I'm getting this error message:

18.670: DedicatedServer: Logging in...
18.874: Log: <-N res acct 0x80000002 {localizedMessage="The required parameters for this call are missing or invalid", TXN=Login, errorContainer.[]=
18.875: DedicatedServer: ERROR: Login failed: Required transaction parameters are missing or invalid.
18.875: ScriptWarning: Plasma Transient. Plasma_0 (Function Plasma.Plasma.SetSignInStatus:0052) Accessed None 'myDatastore'
143.229: Log: <-A fsys {TXN=Ping}<br />

Would anyone know how to fix it please?


Nov 10, 2007
What is your command line?

MOHAServer.exe -configfile="C:\moha\cfg\server.ini" -ip= -port=24000 -remoteport=25000 MOHAServer.exe -savepath="C:\moha\cfg" -username=user -password=pass

Never had any problem with login.
And I can use the same user on mutli servers.
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