Linux Dedicated Server files for Call of Duty 8 : Black Ops.


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Nov 17, 2008
Hello Guys,

I have been researching entire google to find 1 single topic about linux server hosting and cod : black ops. Does anyone know if Treyarch is aware of Linux Hosts/Providers that they need linux patch to host their dedicated servers. Will it turn to a nightmare like it was in Call of Duty : World at War which took them "AGES" to publish linux. From my memory it was 2 - 3 months which is disgrace. Will this happen? Will Linux be released? Can anyone post anything please. I hope this won't take ages because as a "Game Server Provider" can you imagine your company without providing servers for months and they go to another place and you lose business because of the developers fault? I hope to see some good news guys. Let me know.


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May 9, 2006
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We don't know for sure that there will be any dedi server files! Apart from an odd Tweet or two and some console MP video we know bugger all about BO.

Like normal there is an almost complete information back-out. The list of stuff we do not know about CoD:BO is way longer than the list of stuff we do know.

So unless you read it in an official company statement, it's hear say, rumours and guess work.

We have some experienced guessers here at fpsAdmin but hard facts are thin on the ground.
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