Intermittent ping/lad spikes


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Apr 24, 2009
Anyone know what could cause this problem out of the blue? Tends to only happen when rounding a corner or during a close-range firefight. Ping jumps from 50 to 150. I've tested this on other servers and do not have the problem. I don't have an issue in any other game. Other players in our server also having some playability issues. There are no error messages in event viewer and no hardware failing. Been with the same provider for a couple of years and this is new. Any ideas on what would be causing this? Also our server seems to be running poorly in general. Anyone know any flags in the .cfg to enable/disable to help? Maybe the log file setting? Any help is appreciated.


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Aug 30, 2004
Coralville, Iowa
You are just now noticing this on a server located where from yourself ?
or does the variable ping jump just now occurring ?

I'd say either a re-routing of your data packets - use free pingplotter to get a real-time window of your data-packets' flow to the server ip address; or else some instance of hardware failure going fail.

Make sure your packets aren't suffering loss - also do a simple ping test to the server ip address.
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