Insurgency Sandstorm Alpha tester signup open.

Anyone wanting to have an early look at Insurgency Sandstorm NWI has opened up alpha testing. Sign up if you are interested.

Posted on July 2, 2018

Hi everyone,
Insurgency: Sandstorm releases in a few months and we’re all very excited to get it in your hands. In order to ensure the best possible experience on release, we are doing another round of Windows PC-only Alpha testing.
There have been a lot of changes since our last Closed Alpha. We’d like to get feedback on all the new maps, balance changes, UI improvements, matchmaking systems, and server hosting functions that have been updated since the last public test. When providing feedback please keep in mind that the game has not yet been fully optimised and some content is still work in progress, this Alpha is intended as stress test and not indicative of the final product.


Saw this earlier and am signed up for Alpha as well as having pre-ordered the game last week. Hope to see you in there Pen!
The devs do a Q&A each week in a live stream here are the questions and answers for those that missed it.

Insurgency Sandstorm Alpha Follow-up 05.07.18

This week we have Alex and guest Lord Quode hosting the live stream.

Q: How many slots for closed alpha?

A: At least double the amount we had last time(alpha), with a new set of participants this time.

Q: When do keys get sent out?

A: In the next two weeks.

Q: Will alpha selection be random or first come firs served?

A: Mostly random with content creators receiving invitations.

Q: How many are registered for closed alpha?

A: Cannot reveal that.

Q: What is the number of player on Push and firefight?

A: Push is 16v16 and firefight is 5v5 but it is possible to play with more people.

Q: How are you improving game design over the current game?

A: Game is moving to Unreal engine, a lot of the things in this game could have been done in source but are cleaner and smoother in unreal engine. Source did not allow for bigger levels and bigger gameplay, vehicle support and better physics.

Q: When will we see gameplay on another map?

A: When the NDA’s are lifted on alpha and beta is released.

Q: Testing of firefight in Alpha build?

A: Generally all the stuff in the game will be available for testing.

Q: Will the game priced around $30 for console as well?

A: Not sure, but should be cheaper than competitors.

Q: Will tiers affect the alpha numbers selection?

A: Every tier has value, numbers will be determined by the amount of people per tier.

Q: Split screen?

A: Not tested for console, strains resources to make it possible, will be evaluated further.

Q: Are their going to be medics to revive players in Coop?

A: Maybe on custom servers, on vanilla, no.

Q: Is 32v32 possible?

A: Again maybe on custom servers, but not vanilla.

Q: There is a heavy emphasis on competitive, do you feel you are neglecting the casual player?

A: No, majority of people play the main game modes like push, there's something for everyone.

Q: How is customization vary in the different factions , will security have different camo’s and uniforms and Insurgents different civilian clothing?

A: Yes, there will be customization within reason, so customization should follow that logic.

Q: Will mods be turned of for competitive matches?

A: I would hope so. If it affects competitive balance it will not be in there.

Q: Are call outs for maps going to be supplied by you or by the community?

A: Players generally create their own call outs, we will find a way to make it easier for competitive mode.

Q: Are weapons “masterable” with predictable recoil?

A: Its a matter of learning how to handle the weapon determined by your play style.

Q: Are their props like explosive barrels?

A: No, but the cars will?

Q: Will vehicles be in push?

A: Yes in push and capture the base?

Q: Server tick rates?

A:Similar to current Insurgency.

Q: Will the competitive Elo be publicly available?

A: Just ranking will be available.

Q: Will stats be tracked?

A: We track, but do not show.

Q: Net code Unreal vs Source?


Q: Will character stats be globally visible?

A: Only in game.

Q: Will editing cfg files count as cheating?

A: They will allow certain aspects of it, in particular things relating to PC performance.

Q: How will reporting hackers or cheater be handled?

A: Majority of reports are through the anti-cheat client.

Q: Linux support?

A: Post launch, Mac and Linux.

Q: In competitive firefight will you be able to join games I progress, or punish for leaving?

A: No, and yes there is a penalty for leaving the game mid play.

Q: New teaser?

A: Something is being worked on?

Q: Save load outs?

A: You can save load outs per character in item slots.

Q: Facial animation matching voice acting?

A: No.

Q: What will happen if Sandstorm doesn’t do well on sales?

A: Difficult for the game to flop based on feedback we’ve received, pre-order sales are looking ok.

Q: How development of the game in general?

A: The engine is really good has a lot of options and tools, devs are enjoying it, balancing is the most difficult part of the process.

Q: Will their be multiple server regions in alpha?

A: Yes.

Thanks for reading.
Sounds good so far. Aside from the different engines, I don't see them doing anything drastically different from the current game to this one. Will be good to get into it and see how it feels though.
They are borrowing a couple of things from their other game Day of Infamy. The Officer and Radioman kits. When the radioman is close to the officer he can call in support, artillery and air strikes and the like. So as a radioman you have to find your officer and try to keep him alive. As the officer, your radioman is important the to players have to talk to each other and work together. The other thing that comes from DoI is dismemberment, as someone that has been playing shooters for as long as me the first time you get hit in the face by someone's bloody leg it's a little shocking.
Ha....okay that's good to know then. I definitely like the aspect of having to watch out for your guy so you have radio access and can do more if you keep him alive. I will have to see what dismemberment thing is like. I have played DoI and never experienced that part of it yet.
All I can say was I received an email from them.... And I'm on a buisness trip starting Friday :mad::mad: <- Duh, forgot to updated the rest of the smilies
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