Sep 9, 2007
I have been playing COD4 quite a bit and I have just about ripped my hair out over some of the stuff I have been up against in the game.. I have seen all kinds of crap. I know people are not playing fair, so I wanted to see what I was up against. I typed in COD4 hacks in google.

I got the msxsecurity website and found over 500 people online at the time I was on the site and found this COD4 hack ad!

Features will be:
100% PB proof. You will never get caught
Unlock Hack - Level 55 - Commander and All Weapons
Minimap w/ enemy radar (shows you where the enemy is on radar)
Nametags - Shows you where the enemy is by making a bright red nametag
Health ESP - Shows you how much heatlh enemy has
Aimbot - Auto aim or Auto shoot to the enemys head or stomach. Vector or hitbox
View Distance and fog removal- Lets you see really far away
5 crosshairs
entity wallhack
Chameleon Skins - Lights up the enemy in bright colors
Nosky - Removes the sky for better FPS
xqz2 wallhack
Save / Load Function - Lets you keep your favorite settings one click away
Asus wallhack

This explains a lot. I just could not imagine people being 4 star gens 2 days after the game was out. I just could not figure out how I got headshot killed constantly with some people online.. mostly generals.
This is unreal! People can paypal some cash for a hack.

Its to the point of where i won't play anyone other than people I know I can trust.



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Oct 14, 2006
pbbans, has 108 perm.bans so far. mostly aimbots an wallhacks.Not only are the cheats out the money for the game they bought but for the so called undetectable cheats they bought.:) :p
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