FIX FOUND! Messages not saving and run time 75 error

May 4, 2004

after (many) hours of testing, I've found the way to prevent the run time 75 error......

Well, it works for me anyway....

uninstall delator.

Reinstall delator.

Run delator, and press "build mod" (dont bother setting anything) - you will lose it all anway :)

now look in windows explorer at your "delator 3.0" folder - you will have a subdirectory called "global" - higlight the four files within this folder - "delator.sc1", "DMprecache.scr", "" and "" - right click, choose Properties, then in the General tab, un-check the "Read Only" box.

Press Apply, then close the Properties box by pressing OK.

Now run Delator again, make your messages/settings. Press build mod.

A new folder opens up, with your zzzzz-delator.pk3 in it!!

at long last :)

to sum up - the "global" folder needs to be created first, then make the contents non-read only, then re-run delator, your pk3 appears in a new folder.

Hope this helps



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Jun 26, 2004
Hi Schizo,

I used the 3.01 delator and i have the same problem with error message 75!

I follow your instructions but can you send me some screenshots to me...
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