Do you think Black Ops will bring the population of cod4 down?


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Jul 23, 2010
I think that Black Ops will bring the cod4 population down only slightly when it first comes out, but if it's good, after a little while will start seeing a lot more people leaving cod4 for Black Ops.



The COD4 competitive communities don`t like Treyarch. They make up a huge portion of COD4 players.

As long as they bring out a stable playable game which isn`t lacking simple features such as /record, the ability to disable 3rd person, the ability to enable some kind of directional sound (sound occlusion off) as well as one or two other required features from release then its entirely possible.

Failure to include certain basic featues like that will lead to an early demise of the popularity of the game which will have a certain knock on effect to general public players.

CoD:WW was never given a chance properly by competitive type players due to the missing functions from the early release and the time it took to get them. This culminates with the fact that we have less servers than COD2, a game from 2005 and near similar numbers to MOHAA, a game from 2002.
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