Distance Scale in MoH (all expansions)

Oct 23, 2003
Does anyone, particularly anyone who had worked on a weapon mod, know the distance scale for the MoH games?

For example, weapon range in the game is set as 4000 (let's call them world units, WU). How do 4000 WUs translate to meters (or feet) in the "real world?" I'm trying to figure out how the maximum effective range distances for the weapons as set in the game, correlate to the "real-world" ranges of the actual weapons, or if EA just made them all the same for the sake of the game environment.

Just curious.
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Sep 22, 2003
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I thought I read a comment in one of the rifle tiks that talked about what range bullet spread would occur so you could guess a conversion from there. Unfortunately, I forget which one, but would guess M1 or another "early" (read in original AA) had it. Might check in the AA packs if you don't find it in the BT files.


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Sep 24, 2003
Heres the comment from the weapon tik files:
scale 0.52 // Set default scale to 16/30.5 since world is in 16 units per foot and model is in cm's
Oct 23, 2003
Okay, thanks. But . . .

We will call the game distance numbers world units [wu] to be brief.

Is this a correct assumption then (?): The scale from the "real world" to the game world is 0.52 (since 16 game units=1 foot, and there are 30.5 cm in one foot). So if I wanted to convert the real world distance parameter for a Kar98 to [wu] and knew that the effective range of the Kar98 in real world terms was 400 yards (as taken from the weapon .tik file for that weapon) which expressed in feet = 1200 ft. then:

First I need to find the equivalence of the Kar98 range in game scale, so 1200 feet X 0.52 = 624 feet.

Now I know that there are 16 [wu] in one foot, so I need to convert the scaled down range of the Kar98 from feet to [wu] so I would multiply
624 x 16 = 9984 [wu] !!!!!!!????????

Or should my assumption be since 16 [wu] = 1 foot, then the game setting for the Kar98 is expressed as: 1200 ft / 16 [wu] per foot = 75 [wu]

My main problem that the DMBulletrange for most weapons appear as 4000. Where the f**k does the number 4000 come into play in terms of bullet range? And what "model" in cm is EA games talking about--the player model?

I can't figure out the goddamn conversion and how it relates to the settings in the game, or how to relate real-world data to game units.

This is really annoying! :mad:
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