Can you disable map rotation?


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Aug 14, 2010
I am currently hosting a UO server on I would like to find a way to disable the map rotation feature from within the game. Frequently, my gang likes to play the same map several times, switching sides back and forth. It is a real pain to constantly have the map autoswitch to the next rotation, and then go through the voting process to reload the previous used map.

I have tried removing the rotation related commands from both the startup command string as well as the cfg file, but all that seems to do is prevent the server from loading.

Is there a way to start the server with a default map and NOT have any rotation, allowing the players to play the same map repeatedly until they decide to change it?

Any pointers appreciated!! ---Brian


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Jul 26, 2010
Maybe not so much as to disable the map rotation but try this...

Use the map rotation command the your cfg file but only put the map in which you want to play on. The server I think should only rotate to that same map. Let me know if that works!


Jul 25, 2011
Virginia USA
+set sv_maprotationcurrent "gametype <gametype> map <mapname>" +map_rotate


+set g_gametype <gametype> +set map <mapname> +map_rotate

in the commandline should allow the server to initialize without an sv_maprotation statement I believe, it might require a null rotation like

sv_maprotation ""

but munson's suggestion will definitely work too!
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