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Oct 29, 2008
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Listening to the most recent Crosshairs webcast recording ( got me thinking about a few things. The guys talked about the CoD competitive community for a little bit, and that the ability to script and mod once again should lead to a resurgence in competitive gaming for the CoD series.

Now me personally, I haven't played in much of a competitive capacity since vCoD / CoD2. Never messed around with it in CoD4, wanted to for CoD: WaW, but by the time the game was appropriately patched and balanced the scene was pretty dead (MW2 needs no explanation).

The crew on the Crosshairs webcast briefly covered the new recording feature that was displayed in the CoD: BO MP teaser. Perhaps this won't be a PC feature, but I'm presuming it will be present and functional for the PC platform. They also mentioned accessibility, and discussed which comp mods people preferred (promod / pam) and the role they will likely play in making leagues and ladders possible again for CoD.

To me, for the competitive aspect to truly flourish and gain a strong foothold with new participants, and perhaps regain momentum with experienced players, accessibility and some level of standardization should, and hopefully will, be implemented. Maybe the Sept. 1st reveal, along with the new recording feature will make some of this possible, then again, maybe not.

I believe those two things would make the community more robust than ever before. Sure, tenured competitive players don't need such hand-holding, but the larger the community, the better publicity for the game. Many more people that never considered competitive play might start doing so, bigger leagues / ladders / tournaments should bring more visibility for the game, whether some be recreational or ultra-competitive.

What does it take for standardization? Well, mods like Promod help with this, league and ladder rules demand it, and participants seeking conformity need it. But that solution only takes us so far. There's always arguments about what needs to be taken out, put in, replaced, and where that point of ambiguously harmonious balance resides.

In terms of accessibility, I remember running a few vCoD and even W@W servers for matches and scrims, and to me it was always pretty involved, especially for someone that has kids, a job, and a relatively busy life. I had to make sure and read ALL the rules, upload and execute the correct configs, properly follow protocol during a match, and be prepared to help resolve any conflicts or issues. So it does take time, precious time and commitment to stay engaged and active in a competitive community for players and admins.

With all this being said, why not bring standardization and accessibility to competitive play? To whom am I speaking? ......well, Treyarch. With 250 employees working on one game, I hope they have considered how to improve and integrate comp play more closely into the core of the stock game. Now to eliminate all choice, all user input, all league and community member decisions pertaining to comp play would be ill-advised. For example, with the dev console, /record would surely still be an option, but this new, beautiful interface that Treyarch has shown should hopefully enable any mainstream player to easily pull up this feature and press record.

Another vital feature to standardization would be to provide some integration for server admins and players. Why not a simple RCON GUI built-in for commands on the fly and basic switches / toggles for DVARS/CVARS? Maybe have a few default competition modes that had certain variables already determined, executed by a single command. It would be helpful for Treyarch to have some discussions with top administrators in the comp community to get an idea of what those variables might be, even if it was a broad and general exchange. And I think having some settings ready to go and providing mod-like features such as a countdown, readying-up, side-switching, etc. would go a long way in promoting simplicity.

I realize some segments of the community would be cautious or opposed to a default comp mode, because with so many variables it might not be too compatible with the needs of high-end leagues or others who wanted to do it their own way. To them, I would say they can always do it the old way, but for the masses or general public, standardizing gameplay and making comp play accessible to both server admins and players could really help this aspect of CoD grow and thrive.

JD_2020 said something to the effect that there are some big surprises and changes coming to the core MP experience. I hope that competitive play has, or will, be considering in these additions/changes to bring the relevance of competitive gaming to the forefront for players of all skill levels. I guess we'll find out if the Sept. 1st reveal includes anything related to this subject.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see integration of competitive play embedded into the stock game, or at least provide more features (like the new recording controls) to be compatible with it? Or would you prefer to keep the old standard and higher learning curve?


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Mar 4, 2008
Several things for me stand out that they would meed to do to help this, it doesn't take much of a mod to de-noob a game for competition.

Recoil - less weapons have to be fixed, and weapon balance is key. Of course an easy way to remove the noob perks and weapons would be great.

As far as admin tools, I would love to see them work with modders to get to the point that source mod is with mani and meta. Being able to do that stuff in a game overlay would be awesome.
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