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Nov 4, 2003
Danielson, CT
Just a quick question...

I was able to play BF3 prior to the last update (Pre-Premium); I downloaded the update and now for some reason after about 10-15 minutes, sometimes less, I get horrible stuttering, graphically.

Now mind you prior to the update I was able to run BF3 no problem, albeit Medium, but at 1600x900 with little or now lag at all.

Just curious if anyone has had issues post update? I've even dumped down to 640x480 and it still stuttering. Connection lag is not an issue sometimes its in the single digits also.

System I have is an HP; with Mobility HD Radeon 4650 and 6 gigs of ram with a quad core 2.2; everythings update even directx and it runs in directx 11; Is ther a way to run it in direct x 10?

Sorry 2 questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated or a direction to go in.

I know this isn't admin related, I'm a retired admin from days of yore :salute:


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May 9, 2006
St.Austell Cornwall, UK
One of the things that impressed me the most about BF:3 was that the game still looked good on the lowest setting. Given the choice between lowering the screen rez or lowering the detail I would choose the detail every time. There is an argument that even for players that can run Ultra we should run our settings lower to clean up the image. Some of the eye candy gets in the way. I have gone out of my way to build a PC that can run max settings at good frame rates, however the screen clutter gets me killed. I think I would have a better game if I dropped the settings. It is something we always used to do for competition...


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Apr 16, 2009
HD48xx were good performers..not so sure about 46xx series

Uptill about a month ago I used to run BF3 on a HD4890 on low settings and got 50FPS minimum @ 1920x1080. I was happy with the performance tbh just could not really fraps any footage as it would make my fps drop too low.
I could not see anyone playing BF3 with any lower card from AMD/ATI tbh. Anything less than 40fps minimum will be choppy as hell.

Recently upgraded to a MSI GTX580 1,5GB Vram Twin Frozr II.
Very happy with its performance in BF3 averaging around 80FPS on High settings.

You can grab one for cheap if you look in the right places as a lot are jumping onto the 78xx or the 680 series latest tech cards.

Also afaik 48xx series and lower (46xx) are not DX11 , they are DX 10.1.
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