BF3 March Endgame DLC Patch Notes


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Oct 28, 2010
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From the Battlefield Blog & edit: should have added it's 6 gigs. Sheesh DICE - tell me again how the Frostbite 2 Engine is more optimized? :eek:

New game and server update on PS3 and PC today
We are also happy to be pushing a new game update and server update live today on PS3 and PC. See below for the full change list and download instructions. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. X360 will get the same game update in conjunction with End Game at a later date (no later than March 12th).

Please note:
As usual, the server update takes some time to populate all available PC servers. Servers that are not yet updated with the latest version will not be playable until they have undergone the update. If you are unable to join your favorite PC server presently, please use the server browser to find another server for now. If it has active players, it means it has already been updated with the latest server version.

Game update change list: Tweaks and fixes

TV-missile should no longer be able to blow up the helicopter shooting the missile.
Fixed an issue where the proximity defense ability of the Mobile Artillery in Armored Kill does not kill enemies that are standing at a corner of the vehicle. Blast radius extended to 3 meters.
Scavenger mode ticket count in Aftermath increased from 150 to 300 to create matches that last a bit longer.
Fixed incorrect spelling on Aftermath dog tags.
Enabled player movement in Gun Master mode in pre-round.
Fixed an issue where an AT mine kill could count as a vehicle kill.
Improved the position of the repair icon so that it won’t disappear outside the screen while repairing.
Solved a teleportation glitch where the user could teleport if using a knife and a mortar in combination.
Fixed an issue where the Air Radar would display a minimap when running on a hardcore server with minimap disabled.
Fixed an issue where the player camera would flip 180 degrees if the player was revived in water.
Solved an issue where having spawn immunity while being in a vehicle that gets destroyed would grant the player invulnerability.
Improved the behavior of destroyed Rhib boats so that they have proper interaction with other vehicles.
Fixed an issue where landing a helicopter on a mobile artillery vehicle would make the helicopter invisible.
Solved an issue where a counter on Operation Metro lacked collision so that players were unable to put their bipod on it.
Fixed an issue where team swapping could be used by server admins to team kill.
Fixed an issue where the floor collision of a particular building would disappear if destroyed by a vehicle.
Added ticket status in the end of round screen for Scavenger Mode.
Fixed an issue where door textures appeared on the floor of certain buildings in Grand Bazaar.
Fixed an issue where the player health was displayed improperly on kill cards in Hardcore Mode.
Enabled the Co-op dog tags to be used freely within the game since they were unobtainable in their previous design.
Fixed several collision issues causing players to get stuck unintentionally. Levels affected: Operation Metro, Noshahr Canals, Wake Island, Damavand Peak, Operation Firestorm, Earthquake, And Caspian Border.
Fixed several collision issues where the player was able to get out of the playable area on several maps. Levels affected: Talah Market, Epicenter, Markaz Monolith, Noshahr Canals, Grand Bazaar, Azadi Palace, Operation Metro, and Seine Crossing.
Fixed a bug to make sure that unranked servers always have scoring enabled.

Additional rcon commands

We added some additional rcon commands for players renting a server on PC. For documentation on these, please reach out to your server provider.
Added player.idleDuration rcon command.
Added player.isAlive rcon command.
Added rcon command.
Added squad.listActive rcon command.
Added squad.listPlayers rcon command.
Added squad.private rcon command.
Added squad.leader rcon command.
Added player rank to listPlayers rcon command.

How to download the March update on your platform

PC: As soon as you start your Origin client, the latest game update will automatically start downloading (unless you’ve disabled the option “Automatically keep my games up to date”, in which case it will start downloading when you try to run the game). In Battlelog, you will be notified from the Game Manager. Once you acknowledge the update, it will start downloading within the Origin client.
PlayStation 3: When you start the game, you will be prompted that there is an update available. To continue, you must accept the update, which will install automatically.
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