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Feb 1, 2010
For BF3 PC today the vast majority of traffic goes via the server browser. I can't share exact figures with you.

I haven't seen figures for BF4 myself. Would imagine that Quickmatch usage is higher than BF3 is today -- but I still expect server browser to be the way that most people navigate around in the game after a couple of hours.

Regarding PunkBuster and restrictions to which files/directories you have direct access to; the list is the same as for BF3, and as far as I understand it people consider it a bit of a nuisance but it is workable.
We are specifically not allowing read+write access to the PB DLLs via FTP as that would allow people to replace the DLLs with other DLLs containing arbitrary code; i.e. it would be a path for people to inject arbitrary code into the game server process. Since we have taken the decision to not give server admins direct access to the game server executables the PB DLLs also have to be covered by this; else, people would get around that restriction in a day or two.

I know very little about gamemodes, player limitations and mixed mode support.

I checked the server browser briefly. The current version of Battlelog defaults the server browser's filters to:
* Official + Ranked game servers only (so not Unranked or Private)
* Servers in my region of the world (Europe) only
* Servers with 1 or more free slots only (so not full servers)
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