Admin console for bfbc2 vietnam


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Oct 30, 2008
Geelong Australia
Hello are there any other admin consoles for vietnam bfbc2 other than the procon, as the name sounds very shady and program could have spyware to hack your pc.
The reson im a bit paranoid is i heard phoge sells home made hacks, no idea how true this is but its a real concern for me.


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Mar 24, 2010
There are other systems yes, as far as I can see all systems for BC2 should also work for BC2:Vietnam.

Regarding Procon, while I haven't tested it myself since I use my own system, from what I read and hear it's probably the best admin system out there for BC2 right now. I seriously doubt there's anything to worry about, especially since it's open source. Think about this: When ppl make systems like these and give them away for free, they are usually doing this for idealistic reasons. People like that are worlds away from the cynical ppl making spyware and the likes.

A problem with open source systems however, is that some sad little fellow always could download the source, insert his little spyware and compile it - but make sure to download the binaries from the source or if you're really paranoid, compile it yourself.

I think you'll find most of the other systems for BC2 also presented some where in this forum (except mine because it's still not ready :( )
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