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    Moh rcon menu maker

    Hi, a couple of years ago i used to have an rcon menu maker, it was just a simple program where you draw boxes and add text and add the commands to it ect and it would creat the pk3, does anybody remember the name of this program or have it/ thanks in advance
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    Dedicated Server Above 32 Players

    Hi, iv seen many servers that have more slots then 32 players (my server crashes if i go above 32) so im guessing that i need to have a modified dedicated server exe to do this? Does anyone know where i can get one? or how to do it without needing one Thankyou
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    rcom limit mod

    Does anyone know of a mod that limits rcon commands on the server? so i could say... stop admins being able to change gravity? i know it would be nice to be able to say, dont use it, but that doesnt work. Thanks
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    Server Stats

    Hi, iv got my host to start recrdign my server stats, and im put in the config and it creates a qconsole.log file, but it doesnt record who kills who ect just stuff like this could some one help me out please, am i doing anything wrong, thanks
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    Server not showing in game

    Hi, my cod2 server doesnt show in the game browser, iv checked all the settings and seems fine, but no one else can see it it shows in gamespy, but having 34 people in the gamespy cod2 room doesnt help get players in :p here is what i have in the config Thanks in advance
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    Cant Admin my server

    Hi, tried many forms of this, ASE, morkeye, admin tool, i keep getting the message When trying to do anything to do with rcon, i have set a password in the server cfg, but it still gives that message. Any ideas? :(
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    Looking for a Server Provider

    Hi, Im looking for a server provider for medal of honor allied assault spearhead, That ALLOW freeze tag objective and can provide it for £44 or less for a 24 player server! PM me if nec.. thanks :D
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    Rconpassword Resets?

    Hey guys! Got a BIG! Problem here, today, my server for the first time started resetting my rcon password to i dont know what We are logged in fine, and the nall of a sudden we have a bad password. There are no mods causing this as iv ran the same mods for the past year nad a half, no members...
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    Good Server Deal

    (Didnt know wether this should post here or off topic, isnt off topic. im im wrong move me :D ) Hi, Looking for a Good Deal For a UK Server 2X 32 Player Game Servers (MOH: Spearhead) A Team Speak Server. For £50 or less or one 36 player server for £35 or less THAT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD...
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    Omaha Sniper Problem

    Hey, this seems to be an old problem that iv never had to fix because it just wasnt there, but now im in a new clan and on their server they have omaha... and that problem of axis kneeling down, but they see it as stood up, and just snipe without the allies being able to see them or shoot them...
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    Server Provider "Union"

    Is there any chance we could set up a "game server provider union" Since february iv been changing server providers due to lack of support and bad service, now its october and is getting beyong the joke, we should have a website with varified server providers with great support and should be...
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    Korean/japan Game servers

    Does anybody know of any game server hosting sites close to korea/japan? that are available in english (the site)
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    Windows Servers

    Hey, im looking into getting a windows box instead of linux so i can have a breakthrough server :eek: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz 1GB RAM Either windows 2000 or windows server 2003 My Question! How many 24 player SPEARHEAD servers could i get on there, being windows? Currently on linux iv maxed at...
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    SH: Dedicated 29th July 2004 Script?

    Does anybody know where i can get the latest release of the Spearhead ded scripts, i read in an email some one had it, and noticed a few servers poping up using it .. :D Thanks
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    Blood Line Clan now Recruiting

    Hey there moh'ers, Our clan is recruiting. We are the blood line clan =[B.L]= Our Server runs freeze tag objective and is full 24/7! We run our servers on MOH: Spearhead Check us out at
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    Not All Servers Showing in the Browser

    I have a box, and running for MOH Spearhead servers on it, in all server.cfg files i have these lines to show it in the Browsers. set sv_gamespy 1 set ui_dedicated 1 set sv_master1 "" set sv_master2 "" set sv_master3 "" set sv_master4...
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    Control panel

    Hi, i have my own box for moh and run a few servers on it, does anyone know a free control panel or a way to make one that has 3 simple buttons saying stop start or restart? so if the server crashes my admins can start it without having to wait for me to come online Thanx
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    Breakthrough INvalid CD Key

    Hi, im planning on starting to run BT on my dedicated servers. Is there an option to turn the "Invalid Cd Key" thing off on the server? so it can either be set to let legit people in or anyone, hacked game or not? couldnt find any info in the guides. Thanx for any help in advance karzac
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