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    Video Tutorial - Combining custom map IWD's

    Hi Guys, I made a video tutorial to demonstrate a quick and easy way to combine the custom map iwd files in your servers' mod folder, into one single file. Hope this helps out people who are unsure how to go about doing this. p.s. Sorry about the Cornish accent!!! :p Clickme for video tutorial
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    Please? Someone help this guy? lol! :confused:
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    Turning vehicles off

    Hi Guys, I know that vehicles can be switched off in the server config. What I would like is to switch off vehicles on certain maps. Is this possible?
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    g_password command not working?

    Hi Guys, Well...its been a few years since I setup a Mohaa server, and I am having trouble locking the server down for private use. The command g_password doesn't seem to be working for me! I would rather not use the privatepassword method. Below is my server config. Any help would be...
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