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  1. DJX

    Game crashing

    I have a problem with my client game crashing. I think its related to me connecting to my server though. I made a client log and a server log if this helps any. It happens while loading a map, it will make it all the way but then crash before I actually get into the game. Client Console...
  2. DJX

    Logging (Yes, I have searched)

    Could some one please give me a more though break down as to what each of these cvars do? I have found out some of them and I also use them in Call of Duty but some of them don't seem to work.: set g_logstats 1 set logfile "3" set g_log "qconsole.log" set g_logSync "1" set chat "1" set...
  3. DJX

    Map Rotation Problem: OBJ

    I can't seem to get my OBJ maps to automatically rotate after a certain amount of time. I just want it to rotate all maps after 20 min. It loads the first map then never moves. Does someone have to be in the server for it to rotate because I just can't get it to move? Here is my main config...
  4. DJX

    Changeing game types in between maps

    I was wondering if someone knew how to change gametypes automaticly between maps in the map rotation list. I can do this in call of duty by just putting "gametype XXX" in front of the map, but this will not work for Breakthrough. I want to have the OBJ maps run as OBJ, the TOW maps run as TOW...
  5. DJX

    Allow specator chat to all

    Whats the cvar to enable spectator chat to all clients on the server. Thanks.
  6. DJX

    Single Player Map List

    I see that people have found out the multiplayer new maps but does any one know what the single player map list is. In order would be my choice if possible. thanks :smile:
  7. DJX

    Key Binds For Easy Admin

    I have binded the enter button on my keypad to "rcon pb_sv_plist" (I have to put the "rcon" or else it will say there is noone ever on my server) but I can only see it in the console. Is there anyway I can make it so that it shows up on the screen, in the game, just for me. If I don't put the...
  8. DJX

    How do you enforce the ping limit

    I have set up a server and my ping limit is 150. A lot of people go over the limit and then the server really sucks (they don't automaticly get kicked). How do I enforce that ping limit without manualy kicking people (how can you do it so that it automaticly kicks the offenders).
  9. DJX

    How to talk though the console

    I would like to know how I can talk through my server console. I have seen people do it and I'd like to know how to do it.
  10. DJX

    What Does This Mean

    When running my server, The Italian Mafia, I noticed, in my console, that I got this message: My server seemed fine and everything was functioning, but I'd like to know what that means and how to correct it. Also, out of the blue when no one was on my server, I got this message: I would like to...
  11. DJX

    Firewall Problems

    I am having problems with getting my server through my firewalls and I would like to know if someone could help me? I have a D-Link DI 604 Router that has a built in firewall and a McAfee Firewall, if that helps. I already opened ports 28960-28966 on both firewalls and it still it can't get...
  12. DJX

    How to Edit "config_mp"

    I was looking around in the forums and some people were talking about editing the "config_mp" file. I would like to know how to do that, because I hate having to copy and past all of my commands into the console.
  13. DJX

    COD Server Not Showing Up in Game Browser

    I don't know that much about the COD servers except the map rotation, so who ever helps me please take that into consideration. I have set up a COD server from the game (v. 1.3) and it pops up that consol thing then I copy and past my map rotation, which works fine, and I can almost never find...
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