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  1. LordMaximus

    Rekoil is available on steam

    Back to basics.. highly mod tools.. Just watching the download bought a 3 back for 20 bucks
  2. LordMaximus

    Here's my servercfg

    Take a look at this... for some reason my spawn delay is not working correctly, PERKs even though turned off are sitll on and I have nades off and they are still there... Would it be the lack of quotes? Any help would be appreciated. TIA LordMax
  3. LordMaximus


    I have been playing COD4 quite a bit and I have just about ripped my hair out over some of the stuff I have been up against in the game.. I have seen all kinds of crap. I know people are not playing fair, so I wanted to see what I was up against. I typed in COD4 hacks in google. I got the...
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