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  • Hi Kalms
    I'm working on a MoH server version 587960. It seems that the engine never sends player.onSpawn events like we were used to see in bfbc2.

    Is that a known bug ?

    Also what the prefered place to discuss such matters ? I have found no forum topic dedicated to MoH protocol

    Hi courgette,

    I don't know what would cause such behaviour. Have done a quick check in the code, and I don't know what triggered it. Got some ideas though, and there is likely to be some more logging in place in future server releases.
    Hi Kalms,

    I have a log of a BFBC2 server 527791 showing 1250 times ['player.onKicked', 'oLolo1Lo', ''] in 40 seconds. (rate of ~30/s) followed by player.onLeave.
    This same log also shows 4052 times'player.onKicked', 'WasKoSPb', '' in 2 minutes 15 sec before the server crashed (supposedly, got a server timeout trying to send a command). This is a rate of ~30 times per second.

    while receiving those events, the log also show player.onKill events involving those players. So they were not kicked but we receive notices that they are.

    oLolo1Lo disconnected by himself and player.onKicked stopped right after that; but for WasKoSPb the server seems to crash after ~4050 onKicked events.

    Are you aware of such a behavior ?

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