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  • i have problem plz hellllllllllllllllllllp any good man plz
    i make lan server mohd6 (stalngrad) freeze tag and all ok but when some noob client make laser in some wall in map 6 only server crash
    plz need help for slove that send me mail plz if u know ( a0127235630@yahho.com ) say in addres hi i have ur help :) thx again
    just thoguht id send a shout out ... been along time ... and you've stayed the course... my msn ID is mrjason777@hotmail.com .... lol... i remeber before cod came out we was talking about how we needed it so bad just to keep pll. playing ... add me if you like but put something in the message window like "BusterKing" so i know it's you ..... shame i play tdm and you play s&d
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