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    PBBans Back Online!

    I just got this email from RodeoBob regarding the status of LIVE FROM NEW YORK - ITS PBBANS. Welcome back everyone; we hope you have enjoyed your time off. We have been extremely busy behind the scenes in preparing the servers and arranging for their shipment to the new host. Our...
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    Steam Update

    June 10, 2009 - Steam client update released A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include: Steam Client Changed the Steam service to warn users when it's...
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    CoD:WW Interview had an exclusive interview with the Military Advisor for the upcoming Call of Duty World at War title. Hank says that while normal production time is a year or less, Treyarch was given a full 2 years for production of this next chapter in the Call of Duty series. Head on over to...
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    I know this isn't FPS server news, but I thought it pretty important. is reporting that Comcast is going to limit bandwidth transfers to all residential customers starting Oct 1st. I don't mean a speed cap, I mean a transfer cap! Sad day for the internet.....
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    CoD:WW MultiPlayer Beta?

    The next CoD series is due in November Call of Duty World at War....Yeah, Yeah, we all know that. But, I just ran across an article that says there is a multi-player beta due out soon! I'll try to find some more info to confirm. "Call Of Duty: World at War will be coming to PC, 360, PS3, and...
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    v1.6 Patch for CoD4 at GameSpot

    GameSpot has posted the v1.6 patch
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    From their site:
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    Punksbusted Update

    Looks like PsB will be up again soon...
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    From their website:
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    Airdale Ops Network

    With PBBans and PsB being attacked and plagued with a string of "bad lucK" lately I went on the search for other service providers such as these. I found the Airdale Ops Network. They offer some impressive tools in addition to streaming their ban list they also offer an application to...
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    Punkbuster Update for CoD4

    Evenbalance has released an update for both the CoD4 server and clients.
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    PB Server messages

    Anyone know a trick to keep the pb server messages from getting bunched up? Post some examples if you would please! :)
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    Hotfix for Linux Servers

    Hotfix for CoD4 Linux server has been released.
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    PB Update for CoD4 Clients

    EB has updated punkbuster clients...
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    PB Server Update for CoD4

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