Battlefiled V Official Launch Maps



Ok, I paid for Origin Premier while in game last night - I had previously tried from inside of Origin, from a browser and all failed - unavailable.
It ran me through the steps of payment through Paypal, until I got the circling icon in Origin after payment. I shut down Origin, restarted it and clicked on BF V in game library, which showed me a page telling me to UPGRADE my game to Premier. I have the Deluxe version.

It did a quick file check and told me that I was ready to play BF V through Premier. It worked, the one map I played - it was late - was astonishing for its graphics, map layout, yadda yadda - nothing like that 2d cardboard Narvik map from the Closed and OpenBeta, nor the Rotterdam from the Open Beta.

cost - $14.99 plus tax, good for one month, obviously you cancel it before its due date, but now you have 6 days of playing BF V prior to early play date of Nov 15.

BF V has no color desaturation like in BF 1, which gave it a great dated feel, since its about a 100 year old war. Bright clear crisp and from what little I saw last night, this could be the WW2 that we have wanted since before all of this FPS gaming started and since AA/Spearhead/BT and Cod/UO/2 became irrelevant and tired.
This game looks amazing and plays well but I run a very high end machine at 4K. My only complaint is you cant scroll through all your weapons using the mouse wheel and at the current time there are no non-Dice servers thus there are no Hardcore servers setup.
yah, big rub there on the servers. Nice pc. If you want to join a squad of buddies who are on TS, it can be difficult. And let's not forget those lockups, those DirectX errors, those kicked to the curb while switching to a new map. And map times - I haven't clocked any, but some of those big maps could easily accomodate 128 players - feels longer than the usual 25 minute map play time from BF1 Conquest.
I'm making use of the 10-hour free trial, so I have yet to make a final desition on if I'm going to buy it. It looks great, runs well enough on my PC. Still not 100% sold on the gameplay. I'm old and slow so it feels like trying to stop a desk fan with my face. Spawn die, spawn die! After a while, the pain subsides and it just stops being fun when 50% of the time you spend in a match is dying and spawning rather than running and shooting. It's hard to feel any type of accomplishment. As it stands now if the guys in my old clan get it so will I.
Pen, that is the way I felt about BF1 and after a while (purchased a key from one of those CD key places at a steep discount) enjoyed it however could never get a handle on how you upgrade (earn) better weapons.

My biggest gripe no hardcore and community servers.

Also why can't you scroll through all your weapons? Does not make any sense? Same in BF1. WTF Dice, I thought this was a game for PC gamer's.
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