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Old 05-18-2015, 11:57 AM
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Promod can't spawn sometimes

Hey guys,

I've only recently started taking care of some COD4 servers, because the person who did it first (and actually set up the entire thing from scratch) is not available to do it anymore.
So, I've known some basics, but I'm having problems with troubleshooting, I don't know what to look for or what to change and things I try don't work.

So what's my problem?
Currently, I made a new Promod TDM server with the configs of what the server on this port was before: a Promod SD server. I changed all the settings to what should've been used for TDM, server name and map rotation. Apart from some rcon stuff I haven't changed anything else.
Suddenly, in some maps, players can not spawn. They are able to choose a team, but in the end they never spawn and stay in spectating mode as if they're dead. Since it's TDM and not a SnD inbetween rounds, it shouldn't be happening.

It only happens sometimes and at first I thought it only occured when the map crash was on, but now it also happens on citystreets.

I've been looking through all the configs etc and haven't come up with any solution yet and apparently my knowledge doesn't go as far to solve this on my own yet.

Maybe you guys have an idea of what is occuring?
Thanks in advance.
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