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Old 04-06-2010, 08:55 AM
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[Release] Demon Mod CODWaW MKII


Mod Details
Version: 1.0
Author: DemonSeed
Support Site:


Welcome to the new version of Demon Mod for COD:WaW Mk II. This version of the mod marks a completely new approach to how the mod works as far as classes are concerned. Whereas in previous releases, the weapons classes were static and you couldnt change them, in this release I have implemented the PowerClass create-a-class mod which I developed for my COD4: Modern Warfare mod.

So, lets jump straight in and ask what is PowerClass?

What is PowerClass?

PowerClass is the most powerful, flexible and Admin-friendly create-a-class mod in the Call of Duty community. With PowerClass, a player has only those weapons, perks or attachments available to him to create his classes with which the Admin decides to allow. Everything else is "locked" and the player cant get access to them. It takes only 15 seconds for a player to have all the allowed items unlocked for him. After that, he can create his classes, in any combination he likes, in game. He can then take his pick from his classes, and it will be applied on the next respawn.

However, the beauty of PowerClass is that, at any time, an Admin can decide to disable any weapon, any perk, or any attachment and stop those items being used to create-a-class. If a player has any of the items, it is removed from his create-a-class records.

There are 3 ways to loadout the weapons:

1. Team Loadout - with this loadout method, there are 7 totally independent create-a-class slots for each team, defined by a primary weapon relevant for the nationality of each team (i.e. Russian, Marines, German and Japanese).

That makes 28 totally independent and totally configurable create-a-class slots (7 x 4 teams = 28). This is the only mod in the Call of Duty modding community to do this. Sure, there are other create-a-class mods for COD:WaW, but they dont work like the stock create-a-class slots do - where they are persistent, so that they stay just like a player wants them for when he returns to the server.

With Demon mod PowerClass Team Loadout mode all 28 create-a-class slots are persistent so that when a player returns they are just how he left them. No more having to re-build the class each time.

Everything can be edited by the player using the in-game Class Edit menu, except the primary weapon - which defines the starting point of the class. However, if a player chooses the Overkill perk, he can pick any of the relevant teams other weapons to use as his secondary weapon - as long as it has been allowed by the server admin.

With PowerClass, there is none of this "ranked" and "unranked" nonsense which other mods speak of. Locking and unlocking items is a standard feature of PowerClass and doesn't mean having to set any other dvars to determine whether the server is "ranked" or "unranked".

You will notice that it is called "PowerClass" and not "PowerRank" - this is because PowerClass has nothing to do with ranking you up to lvl 64. In fact, with PowerClass, you rank up as normal, with new unlocks (there are 2 new perks to be unlocked - the "medic" and the "marathon" perk ) and challenges. Starting as you do in modded servers at lvl 1, you continue to rank up as you go, until you reach lvl 64 where you Prestige.

Here are some screenshots of the 4 teams, with their classes edited:

As was said, every single one of those weapons represents a totally independent and fully editable create-a-class, making 28 create-a-class slots in total. The primary weapon is what defines it.

2. Or, with the use of the PowerClass "Rifles Only" dvar, the 5 sniper weapons are loaded out automatically for you (there are only 5 create-a-class positions in this option). These can be totally edited by the player whenever he likes. There are only 5 create-a-class slots in this mode, but like the other 2 modes, they are all totally independent of each other and totally persistent after he leaves the server.

3. All Weapons - with this PowerClass mode, the server admin decides what weapons to start the whole ball rolling with. With this mode, a player gets to play with 7 create-a-class slots, all totally independent of each other and totally persistent after he leaves the server.


1. Force Weapons

What is Force Weapons?

This mod mode is exactly what it says on the box - the Admin decides what weapons, perks, or attachments the players can use, and they cant be edited. This is ideal for servers which want to run such things as pistol-only (for so-called “bash” servers), or shotgun-only.

There is an option to have different weapons per team, so not every team gets exactly the same.

There is an option for the admin to choose which perks a player spawns with (this does not work on a per team basis).

Please see forceweapons.cfg for full details of dvars and settings for this game play mode.

2. Old School

What is Old School Mode?

This is ported straight over from COD4, and is basically a Quake 3 Rocket Arena style gameplay. There are weapon and perk pickups dotted all around the map. Players start with a basic loadout, no perks, and play for the pickups as they fight against their opponents. This is not a gametype – it runs alongside any of the standard or custom gametypes. So, you can still play Capture the Flag, for example, but turn it into a Quake style gametype with this fun game mode.

Please see oldschool.cfg for all the dvars you need to turn your server into a Quake-style server.

Other Demon Mod Notable Features

3. Dynamic Perks

There are 3 menus which function like the quickmessage menu - press a key and the perk is instantly applied to you.

There is an "anti-abuse" feature built into Perk Group 1 to stop the inventory items (perk weapons) like C4, Claymores, RPGs or Stingers being used too many times in one sitting. It's basically to stop ammo hacking.

An Admin can decide exactly what perks can be used on the dynamic perk menus by turning off those he doesn't want with dvars.

4. Dynamic Attachments

All new improved dynamic attachments taken from my Demon mod for CODWaW. Now all the attachments for all the weapons are available in game at any time. It automatically scans what weapon you have and assigns all the possible attachments for that weapon. They can also be removed at any time, so that you can attach another, or none at all.

An Admin can decide exactly what attachments can be used on the dynamic attachments menu by turning off those he doesn't want with dvars.

5. ActionSlot Handler

When you pick up a dropped inventory item such as a bazooka or bouncing betty, the code automatically puts the weapon into the correct actionslot. This means that now, you can switch dropped inventory items just like you can dropped weapons.

6. Sniper Zoom and Longe Range Sniper Rifles

Every single weapon with a sniper scope now has extended range for those really big maps (such as in |AX| BAS gametype maps). Also, the sway has been taken out of the weapons - no more having to use the hold-breath feature.

You can now zoom in up to 38 times the normal field of view. Or instantly zoom back out again.

7. Damage Modifiers

There are extensive dvars for the server admin to tweak the damage of any weapon in the arsenal. So if any weapon isn't considered powerful enough, the server admin can turn it up. Or if one is considered too powerful it can be turned down.

8. Team Status/Live Stats

On screen HUD gives the status of any team, for alive or dead players.


Everything has been overhauled in this mod, so everything works better than in previous releases. But I want to make a few special mentions;

1. There is a brand new loadscreen.

2. There is a new and improved serverinfo/welcome screen. The message dvars now show much better than before, and the hostname fits centrally now.

3. The ambient tracer code and FX now work much better than before.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The modes and execution of each config file are handled at the very top of demon.cfg, Only one mode dvar should be set to 1 at any time. Also, just below the mode dvar is where the config file for that mode is executed - just remove (if it isnt already) the double comment lines (double forward slash //) from in front
of the execution command.

Example --


set scr_demon_powerclass 0
//exec powerclass.cfg


set scr_demon_powerclass 1
exec powerclass.cfg

================================================== ===========


Most "stock" dvars can now be set differently for a specific map or gametype. This is because I made code changes to _tweakables.gsc, and made it compatable with what is commonly refered to in the modding world as the "dvardef" method of defining dvars. This has been a standard feature of AWE since its inception back in good ol' COD1 days, and all the big mods use it. I have included a copy of _tweakables.gsc in the .zip file, so you can check if a stock dvar is defined in this way.

All demon dvars can be set differently for specific gametypes, maps or both together.

================================================== ===========

Here is a full list of features in Demon Mod:

* Now 3 mod modes - see above for details
* 28 create-a-class slots in team loadout
* Sniper zoom and no-sway sniper rifles. Can zoom right in at 36 times zoom
* Long range sniper rifles for those really big maps
* New team status (live stats) to easily tell you who is alive or dead
* Damage modifier dvars for every weapon
* Action slot handler for putting picked up inventory items into the correct actionslot
* Dynamic Perks – use the quick message menu to change perks on the fly
* Dynamic Attachments – use the quick message menu to make attachments on the fly
* Double attachments of grenade launcher and bayonet for scoped weapons
* Oldschool mod mode – this great COD4 Quake 3 style game mode is now in COD5
* Panzershrek - for Axis team when player has Bazooka perk
* Server Image logo (customizable)
* Ferry’s realistic sniper shader overlay
* Binoculars – can be disabled via dvar
* Team Assault Gametype – cross between DOM and WAR gametypes
* Retrieval Gametype – remake of the vCOD classic
* Force Weapons – see above for details
* Weapon Pools – set up weapons to spawn around the map (similar to COD4 Oldschool mode)
* Ambient Anti-Aircraft tracers
* Glass bullet hit screen when shot (bullet holes appear on screen when shot)
* Realism settings – drop weapon on hit, view shift, body fly on explosions
* Airstrike Hardpoint
* Quickmessage sounds taken from COD2, and added to mod
* Welcome Screen (see demon.cfg for server rules dvars)
* Turn Ranking on or off
* Force Perks on all players (all modes)
* Drop Weapons, Grenades & Off-hand Weapons for all modes (fully configurable)
* Regeneration Handling (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* Spawn Protection (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* Bloody Screen (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* First Aid (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* Drop Glowing Health Packs (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* Health Bar (see healthcentre.cfg for details)
* Hardpoint Limiter (see hardpoints.cfg for details)
* Message Centre (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Map Rotation Handling (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* End of Map Vote System (see mapvote.cfg for dvars)
* Ready-Up Period (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Force AutoAssign (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Laser Dot (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Crosshairs & Red Crosshairs Handling (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Red Enemy Compass Pings (Red hit blips) - this is controlled by dvar (see demon.cfg for details)
* Low Ammo Hint dvar (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Waypoint Handling - can be turned off for map or compass, or both (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Hardcore Persistent Minimap (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* SP-to-MP Grenades/Grenades by Nationality
* Turret Control - removes all static turrets from maps (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Black Screen on death (prevents player seeing position of enemy) (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Disarm explosives like Bouncing Betties or Satchel charges (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Ambient Mortars (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* 22 second fuse Smoke Grenades (these really do give you cover, unlike the stock 11 second ones)
* Smaller headicons - the stock ones are massive. These are nice and discreet (includes reduced size spawnpro headicon)
* Anticamper handling, with 7 means of punishment (see demon.cfg for dvars)
* Ambient planes (see demon.cfg for dvars)


1. Upload the whole of mp_demon folder inside the .ZIP file to your server's mod directory.
2. Take the config files out of the 'configs' folder and put them next to the IWD and .FF files, or keep the configs inside the 'config' folder and alter the execution commands at the foot of server.cfg file.
3. Upload the .FF and IWD file to your redirect space for client download, and edit the redirect dvars in server.cfg.
4. Edit all the config files how you want them.
5. Make sure that server.cfg is executed from your server start-up command line


Ferry – for his realistic sniper shader overlays.

Marc aka (Wildcard) - for the basic body-fly code from ACE mod (but I beefed it up as the player didnt fly high enough in my opinion).

Tally - for unstinting friendship and help over the last 3 years, and particular help understanding the new COD4 engine. The code used in this mod has Tally's full permission to use it.

ModWarfare Team – for the brillent in-game class editor, binoculars xanim model, shaders, for ReadyUp Period code, health pack models, and other minor utility code snippets and ideas. All rights to their source code is covered by Modder Ethical Public License version 1.0. There website is


Please download from the following link:


*NB* For those interested, the source files for this mod have been passed over to the |AX| mod team (Rollin Hard) for implimentation into the up-coming new version of the |AX| BAS mod. It promises to kick-start this ailing game into new life.
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