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Old 10-24-2009, 07:40 AM
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Talking Base assault for codwaw!!!

check out my post in submit news section of forums

A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him.
Winston Churchill

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.
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Old 11-11-2009, 01:20 PM
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Bas-Assault latest News and up dates

Thanks again for all your great comments here & for the bas gameplay trailer

Updates & Fixes

- finished the fusion with the Demonmod 4.0 which is used as secondary mod for the gametype (anarchic-x server)
- added zeroy's tanks to the bas maps and mod
- re-define the "tankcapture" feature for the new tanks
- added "one-way-clips" to the bunker roofs (collision for every player after he leaved the bunker)
- fixed the not working coax mg on the sherman vehicle (thanks to zeroy)
- fixed a problem with the bayonet of the m1garand weapon (dynamic attachments / demonmod)
- fixed a problem with the respawn of tanks in ponyri
- fixed the sherman physics collision problem
- added a custom texture around the bunkers to prevent fall damage
- fixed & customized the coax mg sounds of all tanks
- increased the max speed & turret rotation speed for all vehicles (perks disabled)
- modified the player ejection function on all tanks
- included a new spawnlogic feature & setup for the bas gametype (thanks to demonseed for idea & base code)
- fixed a bug with the team based announcer function
- fixed another bug on the vehicle collision at the bunkers (temporary)


Currently this vehicletypes can be used in the mod:

panzer4 = armored + mg
panzer4 = unarmored + mg
panzer4 = armored + flamethrower
panzer4 = unarmored + flamethrower

t34 = armored + mg
t34 = unarmored + mg
t34 = armored + flamethrower
t34 = unarmored + flamethrower

sherman = unarmored + mg

There more types in development.

Note: Treyarch limit the vehicles to 16 per map...which means we can only use 15 vehicles per map. If we add jeeps, flak's, pak's & mortars we have to reduce the tanks because on the usual way these are also defined as vehicles. We'll see if we can find a workaround.

Dev Tests

We plan to start this weekend the first dev test..if this test is successful we'll set dates for 2 other tests we have to make. These 2 other tests are divided into 2 groups. We'll send out invitations to the choosen testers.


Currently only 2 maps are finished for this gametype & mod but 2 others are close to get beta status.

Server Opening & Mod Release

The bas gametype will be anarchic-x only for the first days. This is because we want to check everything is fine on a public server before we release a package for other communities & clans. We have to make clear this release is coming with the modified DemonMod as secondary mod for the gametype. As admin you have to be sure to define specific settings on the Demonmod cfg server files to run smoothly with our bas gametype. Of course the most features of the demonmod can be still used. There are possibilities to create a mod which only contain the gametype later but this costs some extra effort,time & tests.

Random Answers

PanZ wrote:
will we ever see Rhine Valley remade?

no i dont think so..but we have great ideas & sources

82ndAB-Firefly wrote:
Will the BAS maps, support other gametype's?
Also someone has already made UO Foy, it looks pretty good

no the maps/mod doesnt support other gametypes...only bas is included
the bas maps needs specific entities and we'll use the great ax_foy map from uo as source

-|DeD|-TootH wrote:
Any chance you guys will release the mod for public use?

already answered above

fullmetal wrote:
One thing though (which is a minor detail but anthumpers like me find it disturbing): will there be custom skins to change the marines more into 'Rangers' or something (same counts for the Sherman: Sherman without camo an da more 'Western Europe Campaign' skin)?

Custom skins can be included but we always have to make sure we dont hit any asset limits or mod problems and the cod4/5 engine is sensitive on that...we definitely have to add some winter skins..these points are on our todo list after the release

{CuF}D.O.A. wrote:
btw, I'd really like to make a map for this...
if that's possible

it is possible but the setup for mappers is really complicated..and i mean not the gametype bases...we are still not sure about a source files release for mappers

B0GiE-uk- wrote:
1. Are you altering the handling/view modes of the tanks as its pretty shitty in WAW at present?
2. Is there gonna be Jeeps with MG's?
3. Are you going to add mortar support as I thought it felt missing without it in UO?

1 = we would need more specific info what you mean with "handling or view modes"
2/3 = no jeeps yet but as i know zeroy is working on transport vehicles, flak's, pak's(vehicle limit problem!)


- RollinHard & Cornrow Wallace
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Old 03-23-2010, 11:18 PM
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The mod everyone has been hoping for has finally made it to World at War, yes the Base Assault Mod!
As of the weekend, our private alpha tests are finished and the mod is ready to enter public beta. We will open our Anarchic-x Base Assault Public Beta server on Friday, February 12th at 2:00pm EST (20:00 CET) to everyone!

This is an open beta, meaning everyone is allowed to join our server and play, but we will not be releasing files for other server admins to run just yet. We want to keep this beta "in-house" for the time being to quickly & easily fix bugs as they are discovered.

We hope to see you there!
Here's the IP:
Check it out
These are very efficient exam like 70-536, 70-562 and 70-620 and 70-630
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