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Old 12-13-2008, 07:11 AM
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COD5 under CentOS5.2 With no "X" Environment (12.0 KB)

dnk is at it again this time he has put together a install script to help the process go easier. No X windows needed.
This document walks you through the install process to get COD5 (World at War) server running under wine on CentOS5.2 With no "X" Environment. Included is a custom bash shellscript installer to do most of the dirty work at the terminal.

It will fetch the required files (including COD5 Server files, Wine, etc), compile wine (without x support), and configure a server.cfg and script.

Upon discussion on the CentOS mailing list, Dag Wieers (one of the packagers involved with the CentOS project and major contributor to RPMforge) will be rolling up a nice wine 1.1.10 RPM (needed for COD5 to work under wine)! So once that is available after testing, the install script will give you the option to either still compile wine, or use the RPM (MUCH faster, and less dev tools to install). Providing there are no show stopping issues with the RPM.

- Download here
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