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Old 02-25-2005, 10:11 PM
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Setting up your server with a password

How to setup and use a private password
You must add the following lines to your server.cfg file .

If you do not know how to do this, please see

"Bull's dedicated server and Rcon guide". The link can be

found in our guide section

set sv_privateClients "x "

set sv_privatepassword "password "

Where x is the number of slots you wish passworded.

Where password is the password you want to use.

To remove the password from your server:
set sv_privatepassword ""

Notice one space after sv_privatepassword and no spaces between the quotes. You can send this command to the server via rcon. but remember if the password is part of your server.cfg file it will be reset upon restarting your mohaa.exe.

How to use a password with ASE or GameSpy


Highlight your server you wish to play on, that requires a password.

Press f4.

Enter your password in the text box labeled password.

That's it your password will stay with that server until you change it.

Double click on the above server to play.

Built in GameSpy browser V1.11 and up:

Start your MOHAA.exe

Enter the multiplayer room (brown closed door)

press ~ (will bring down the console. You will need to enable consol first if you have not done so already)


password X Where X is the server's password

press ~ again to close console

Enter join room

click on Join internet game

You can either launch gamespy and connect that way, or you can connect via the IP address of the server.

That's it. - Rudedog
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