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Old 02-25-2005, 11:34 PM
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PC Gamer / IW IRC chat logs 12/10/2003

The following is the chat log from the PC Gamer / IW IRC chat on 12/10/2003.

IW was represented by:

Grant Collier, president, Infinity Ward [IW]Jrandom

Vince Zampella, chief creative officer, Infinity Ward [IW]vince

Zied Rieke, lead designer, Infinity Ward [IW]twoAM

<[PCG]Norman> The Chat will begin once we get all the developers in
<[PCG]Norman> Thank you for being patient
<[PCG]Norman> Chat Starts Now.
<[PCG]Norman> Could you introduce yourselves please?

<[IW]twoAM> I'm Zied Rieke, Lead Designer on Call of Duty
<[IW]Vince> I am Vince Zampella, the CCO/Producer of Call of Duty at Infinity Ward

<[PCG]Norman> Do the devs play a lot of MP now that they have the game out? I mean with the regular people not just inner office DMs?
<[PCG]Blaster> next person that deliberatly pm's me will be banned

<[IW]Vince> There are a lot of us that get onto servers regularly
<[IW]Vince> A good protion of the company actually, I just played against some of the guys here before the chat

<[PCG]Norman> With all the other WW II games out, and it's obvious sign of a great, but aging trend. What inspired you to use WW II?

<[IW]Jrandom> Hello, this is Grant Collier from IW
<[IW]Jrandom> President of IW

<[PCG]Norman> the questions are in bold

<[IW]twoAM> WW II is the classic battle of good vs evil. Not other modern war compares in scope or importance.
<[IW]Jrandom> WW2 is the last great war where you arent fighting from miles away

<[PCG]Norman> Are there any games which influenced the Multiplayer mode in this superb game?

<[IW]Vince> We are avid multiplayer gamers here at IW, so there are many games that influenced what we put into Call of Duty

<[PCG]Norman> Will there be any chance of having the ability to prime grenades in an update or patch in the near
<[PCG]Norman> future?

<[IW]Vince> I can't put a finger on any one particular title, we made a game that we thought was compelling based on all our past experience
<[IW]Vince> It probably won't make it into a patch, but it is something we will consider for future projects

<[PCG]Norman> Does it take more time/effort to develop the single player aspect, or is creating a satisfying multiplayer experience more difficult?
<[PCGO]yeg> norm, slow down

<[IW]twoAM> The vast majority of time goes into making the single player experience. Getting the team to agree on what makes for a good multiplayer game takes less time but its more difficult.
<[IW]Vince> and getting the community to agree is even harder
<[IW]Jrandom> Now that we have the foundation for MP, people can make MP modes in a couple of days
<[IW]Jrandom> devs and modders
<[IW]Jrandom> missions like Stalingrad take months

<[PCG]Norman> To settle a little dispute we're having here. Is CoD MP made with the competition level player in mind or those mainly playing on public servers?
<[PCGO]yeg> pubs, right?
<[PCGO]yeg> think of the masses!
<[PCGirc]trik-uT> eek

<[IW]Jrandom> TDM was made with the public in mind and Search and Destroy was designed for competitive play

<[PCGO]yeg> thanks that settles it
<[PCG]Norman> Are there any plans to incorporate "helmet saves" into the game thus, occasionally saving people from headshots?

<[IW]Jrandom> no
<[IW]Jrandom> nice idea thou

<[PCG]Norman> Any plans on releasing more example animations/models for the modding community to work with.

<[IW]Vince> we are releasing a few examples, enough for anyone to get up and running with the tools
<[IW]Vince> we also answer questions on the forums
<[IW]Jrandom> you can check those out at

<[PCG]Norman> Do you think opening the source would allow for such great multiplayer games like CS, and DoD, to be put in another engine with better graphics? Why?
<[PCG]Norman> Do you think opening the source would allow for such great multiplayer games like CS, and DoD, to be put in another engine with better graphics? Why?

<[IW]Vince> I don't think we need to open the source for great mods

<[PCG]Norman> What will be the most notable changes to look forward to in the future patch?

<[IW]Vince> if we get a team that has a great mod, but requires additional work, we will either add support or open the source
<[IW]twoAM> The sniper rifles have been balanced, bunny hopping has been reduced and we fixed many bugs.

<[PCG]Norman> What's the status of anti-cheat methods as of now?

<[IW]Vince> We are looking into the current cheats. Most are stopped by pure server or are driver hacks, which solutions like PunkBuster may not stop
<[PCG]Norman> Will new guns for all sides be added to CoD in future patches?

<[IW]Vince> We do plan to do everything we can to work against cheating, we love to play the game too and don't want our experience ruined either
<[IW]Vince> There are no plans for additional guns to be added in the patch

What influenced you to call the game "Call of Duty"?

<[IW]Jrandom> It opitimizes what the gamer experiences through-out the game

What snacks do the developers of CoD prefer? Are cheetos high on the list?

<[IW]Jrandom> epitomizes*
<[IW]Vince> I hate the orange stuff on my hands! Cheetos are not on my list!
<[IW]Vince> I love pretzels
<[IW]Vince> and Dr. Pepper
<[IW]Vince> is pizza a snack?
<[IW]twoAM> I drink a gallon of grape fruit juice a day
<[IW]Jrandom> I like Diet Pepsi
<[IW]Vince> (we all use a different bathroom)
<[IW]Jrandom> lol

When developing the game, did the you enlist the help of war veterns to help with the realistic aspects of war?

<[IW]twoAM> Our the grand father in law of our lead animator was a british commando and we used his personal diary, which was never published
<[IW]Vince> We also worked with historical reenactors and historians

Are there plans to add in-game voice support in the future?

<[IW]Jrandom> We talked with a few veterans and wish to speak with more in the future for our next game
<[IW]Jrandom> We also had military advisors
<[IW]Vince> There are external programs that do such a good job that we didn't spend our time on it
<[IW]Jrandom> We aren't opposed to the idea thou

<[PCG]Norman> How long did it take to develop the rendering/graphics engine in CoD?

<[IW]Vince> It's hard to seperate out that exactly
<[IW]Vince> the whole project took about 20 months

<[PCG]Norman> What was the toughest decision the team had to make in balancing realism and fun with Call of Duty?

<[IW]Vince> the engine was worked on a lot at the begining, and then updated often throughout development
<[IW]Vince> many months were spent on the rendering alone

<[PCGO]yeg> Q: Why is there no minimization mode in-game?

<[IW]twoAM> Realism is not the arch enemy of fun
<[IW]twoAM> The toughest decision was in getting aiming down the sight to work the way we wanted it, a tough balance between looking pretty and being useful.
<[IW]Jrandom> If you play in a window, you can minimize.


<[IW]twoAM> We spent ages working on aiming down the sight...
<[PCGirc]trik-uT> Q: The gun sounds are clearly well researched...were all gun sounds simulated with another sound or the actual sound, or perhaps a combination?

<[IW]Jrandom> All of the gun sounds were sampled from the real weapons, but they don't always sound the same once they get into the game. They were enhanced after that.
<[IW]Jrandom> You would be amazed how wimpy some of them came out from the samples

<[PCGO]yeg> when is a dedicated server coming out for win32?

<[IW]Vince> There is a dedicated server that shipped with the game

<[PCG]Norman> What's the one thing you are most proud of as developers in regards to CoD?

<[IW]twoAM> I am most proud of the quotes you see when you finish a mission or when you die.
<[IW]Jrandom> I am proud of how good the netcode is..... smooth

<[IW]Jrandom> I can play with 64 players and get a sub 100 ping

<[PCG]Norman> ok. the next question will be our last for the chat
<[PCG]Norman> If there was one part of the game that you would change or fix what would it be?

<[IW]Jrandom> To add pistols for the Russians and British... =)
<[IW]twoAM> I would have liked to add smoke grenades...
<[IW]Vince> I would have loved to see the damn explode
* [IW]Vince eyes Zied
<[IW]twoAM> dam
<[IW]Vince> oops

<[PCGirc]trik-uT> :OOO
<[PCG]Norman> ok. we'll throw in a bonus question
<[PCG]Norman> What are your favorite game modes, and where online do you usually play?

<[IW]Vince> I love S&D and TDM
<[IW]twoAM> I play a lot of seek and destroy at the fiber pipe clan server (tFp)
<[IW]Vince> I like to play on as many different servers as possible, to hear everyone comments

<[PCG]Norman> Thanks a Lot to Vince, Zied, and Grant for spending their time with us. This concludes our chat for tonight. Look for a tran of the chat on in the next few days.
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