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Old 02-25-2005, 11:38 PM
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ServerWatch: Setup Guide for CoD server. By ShadowBee


After having downloaded and installed the ServerWatch program go to Extras menu and hit :"Check For Updates" and install the updates.

Next go through the Setup and Advanced Setup under File Menu and uncheck EVERYTHING. (You don�t want it to affect the players on your server unless you are familiar with the commands being run by the program. Unnecessary kicks and bans aren�t good while you are testing setup of ServerWatch.) Be sure to click on �save and activate Config� after making these changes in Setup and then Advanced Setup.

Close ServerWatch and re-open it.

Now open up Setup and select the Connections tab.
First select Call of Duty under the Game section.
Under the Rcon Setup section enter your server IP for �Host� and the port number for �Port� (28960 for CoD servers). Then put your rcon password under �Password�.

Under Log File Setup you will notice 4 options for connection to the log file. If there is SSH server (Linux) setup on the same server as your CoD server choose this option. If ServerWatch is on the same server as your CoD server choose �direct File Access�.
If ServerWatch isn�t on the same server as your CoD server and you don�t have a SSH server running on your CoD server then choose �FTP� but this will only work if you have FTP access on your server. If you don�t have any of these options available select �no Qconsole LogFile�
For �SSH Connection� enter your server IP into �Host�, then the port for your SSH server. Then enter your login name and password. Then enter a command that will bring up the log file. The typical command is
�tail �f/fullpath/to/games_mp.log�.

For �direct File Access� enter the file path of the file �games_mp.log" on your server (i.e.. C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Main\games_mp.log)

For �FTP� enter your Server IP and the port (Default[21] should work). Enter the file path of the log file (This should be the path required from your initial ftp access folder. If FTP access takes you directly into the Call of Duty folder then all you should have is �/main/games_mp.log�). Be sure to have �use passive mode� unchecked. Refresh rate of 1000 is fine for now and you can change that later if you want. You may need to set your proxy settings if you are connecting through a proxy to your server.

For �no Qconsole LogFile�� no options available
Close ServerWatch.

Now that that is all setup you need to go into your ServerWatch folder and open up the �ServerWatch.ini� file. You will need to find and set the following variables:
Save and close the file (This is done so you do not receive errors due to log connection failures which will be explained later).

Re-open ServerWatch.

Now click on �Start ServerWatch� under the File menu.
Wait about 15-30 seconds and if your rcon is correctly set you should see the name and ping of your server pop up on the �Users Playing� tab.
To test your connections further click on the File menu and select debug. Should bring up a window with several tabs on it that include: Rcon, Log File, EventList, Eventlist Highlight. Clicking on the Rcon tag you should get something that resembles this:

map: mp_carentan
num score ping name lastmsg address qport rate
--- ----- ---- --------------- ------- --------------------- ----- -----

If you do not see this within a minute your rcon access isn�t working (Go through your settings and make sure you have the correct IP and password). You can adjust the �MaxLines� as you see fit.

Now click on the Log File tab. This is where the changes in the log file appear as they happen on the server. There is a few seconds of delay based on the Refresh rate setting on the connections tab in �Setup�. Don�t be alarmed if you don�t see anything here. Read Below.

Note: The CoD server automatically logs everything to the log file other than rcon commands. The CoD server only writes to the log file when there is activity on the server. Since ServerWatch looks for changes in the log file, if there are no changes to the log file ServerWatch will report an error. This is why we edited the �ServerWatch.ini� file above. You will however get what CoD considers activity if you change the map and will show this change on the �Log File� tab on the Debug window.

If you don�t plan on having ServerWatch-Client connect to your ServerWatch go to Setup under the File menu and click on the �ServerWatch-Server Setup� and check the box for disable.

Play around with the other settings at your leisure. There are a lot of options for administrating CoD servers so enjoy.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me on our IRC network in the #wwa, #wwg, or #dawgpaw channels. Please visit these other sites on this growing community:

ServerWatch-Client: Setup Guide for CoD server. By ShadowBee


First off you will need to make some changes to the setup on your ServerWatch server. Open ServerWatch on the computer where your ServerWatch server is located.

Select "Setup" under the File menu. click on the "ServerWatch-Server Setup" tab. Make sure "disable Server" is unchecked. Set the port you want the clients to connect through (default 23203 should be fine). Leave "enable Compression" checked for now(you can change this later). Click on "save and activate Config". Close "Setup".

Select "Advanced Setup" under the File menu. Click on the "ServerWatch Server Access" tab. You will likely need to add a username access for your self so enter your user name and your password in the both password spots. Hit "Add User" and then select your user name under the Userlist.
Now click and drag all the permissions from the right side to the left side window and hit "Update". Now add the rest of the users you plan on having connect to your ServerWatch server while setting up only those permisions that you want them to have. Click on "save and activate Config". Close "Advanced Setup".

Close ServerWatch,


After having downloaded and installed the ServerWatch-Client program go to Extras menu and hit "Check For Updates" and install the updates.

With SW-Client open click on the "Setup" tab and then click on the "ServerWatch connection Setup" sub-tab. Assign a name for the connection to the server above (ServerWatch-Client can have connection setups for different servers). Enter the IP address and Port of your ServerWatch server. Then enter your username and password you entered for yourself or that were provided to you. Click on the "Add" button and then save. You are now ready to connect to your ServerWatch Client.

Click on connect then select Autorefresh under the File menu.


This concludes this guide.
If you have any questions or comments please contact me on our IRC network in the #wwa, #wwg, or #dawgpaw channels. Please visit these other sites on this growing community:
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Old 05-06-2010, 06:13 PM
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Very usefull. thanks..

but is there any way i can tell the serverwatch to stop shouting trough console?!

I want all the console messages to be off...
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