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Old 01-01-2017, 07:37 AM
Tokei Tokei is offline
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3 days of troubleshooting need help to get server online.

hello thanks for taking the time to look at this.
joined a server that installed cod4x(1.8 - 16.1) not sure if that'll do anything for the server hosting side tho
i've been trying to set up a machine(home server) solely to run a cod4 server but everything i've tried over the past 3 days hasn't worked
i have fiber internet so where the fiber comes in we have a box with an ethernet cable going to the router could this potentially be causing an issue?

its currently running windows 7 it was running windows 10 but ive tried alot of thing to get it working lol
server is connect to a switch which also has my gaming computer and that switch is connected to the router

i've forwarded the ports in my router

and triggerd them just incase (not to sure what this one does)

althought ive forwarded them i get timed out on can you see me *(apparently online port checkers fail pretty much all the time)
*edit used a downloaded port tester to check the ports and it says they are open (added in a port i didnt open just to make sure)

ive tried turning both the pc firewall and router firewall off to no avail.

and here the server.cfg

and the target
+set dedicated 2 +set sv_punkbuster 0 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

can see the server on local from another computer but can not connect via public ip

that's all the relevant information i can think of
if you have any tips or can think of anything that could help it would be much appreciated

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Old 01-19-2017, 03:06 AM
Chr0nicxHack3r Chr0nicxHack3r is offline
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try add ing +set net_port (port) to your shortcut. Works for me after i did it that way.
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