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Old 12-23-2009, 12:59 PM
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World at, What?! A fragmovie by England4eva

World at, What?! - A CoD:WW Fragmovie by England4eva

<----[ dOWNLOAD oR wATCH oNLiNE ]---------------------------->

Direct Download :

Youtube (HD) :

Wipido :

<----[ iNTRODUCTiON ]--------------------------------------->

I present to you a small 10 minute-ish fragmovie based around Call of Duty: World At War.

This was not intended to be anything extra special but my first project to learn what Sony Vegas is capable of and how to use some of the basic features of the software.

Yes, it was created using Fraps, although for this fragmovie it did the job I intended it to do and let me concentrate my efforts on the workings of Vegas and some of the tricks and techniques around editing with the Call of Duty engine.

Above all it fills the huge gap in missing CoD:WW fragmovies, <3 Reudh.

<----[ aBOUT ]---------------------------------------------->

The whole project was completed in about 10 days with about an hour or so per day, maybe a little less or more on some days.

The frags are nothing extra special, just a couple of nice shots and recordings from a 2 week period while this movie was in production. Shame I never recorded in the past Although I personally think they`re decent enough to make the movie entertaining.

All shots are taken from PCWs with 1 or 2 from a 1v1 Rifle tournament. Due to the fact there are very few official outlets to play CoD:WW i`m sure you can excuse me for the PCW shots

<----[ pROBLEMS pLAYiNG? ]----------------------------------->

If you have problems playing or sound sync issues make sure you have latest codec packs installed,

<----[ sOFTWARE ]-------------------------------------------->

Sony Vegas 8, Fraps, CoD:WW

<----[ mUSIC ]----------------------------------------------->

Voodoo People - Prodigy
One Love - Prodigy
Halcyon & On & On - Orbital

<----[ gREETS ]---------------------------------------------->

Scouse, Falco, Wes, Rhino, San Goku, Woj, Phoenix, Reudh, All EnB members past and present & All CoD:WW players worldwide.

<----[ cONTACT ]---------------------------------------------->

england@<NOSPAN> (remove <NOSPAM>)

Quakenet -> England4eva > #cod5.wars / #cod5league / #commod

Xfire @ england4eva02

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