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Old 05-06-2012, 06:43 AM
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RJK Gaming!

RJK was originally founded as a Star Wars gaming clan and it has shifted and evolved with times. It's members got spread to thin and it crashed for awhile, but right now its in a reboot phase and things are going well and growing slowly.

* The Games we play - Right now Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only game with two divisions for light side/dark side, but RJK supports many games. When enough active players are acquired for a new game to be supported a new division is born.

Right now I am hoping to gather some FPS gamers to start a new division or divisions for say Call of Duty 4/Counter-Strike: Source/Battlefield 3/Tribes: Ascend, but all types of gamers are welcome to the clan. Divisions are specific to one game or series at the moment. As long as support is there and members stay active and it grows.

* Currently we do not have any servers running.
* Community is spread among US/EU region.
* Currently among two divisions for SWTOR the member count is at 78 members. Some might be counted twice as they are in both.
* Clan is free for anyone to join.

* Drop on by and sign up. Its free for all and all are welcome to sign up. You must drop a post in the comlinks/forums of the site after sign up to let us know your alive and well and wish to game with us.

One more detail. You are all welcome to contact me via Origin/STEAM/xfire if you would like to learn more about joining. It would be awesome to join up and have a full plattoon ready to play with.

Origin - DeadFire87
Xfire - deadlyfireg16
STEAM - deadlyfireg16

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