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Old 04-22-2012, 03:06 PM
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SUP Recruiting

*Age 15 Plus.. we do make exceptions sometimes.
*No Hacking!
*Have a Mic!
*Use Steam or Xfire
*Use TeamSpeak3
*We are an older clan that closed a few years ago, and have just re-opened less than 1 month.
*We have already secured a Sponsor and are about to begin initial practices for competitive teams, But we also invite non competitive members as well.
*We play BF3 MW3 Swat4 MC, and will be doing Counter Strike GO.
*We have members worldwide, but we are based in USA. Most members speak english.
*It is free to become a member of SUP. We are a Sponsored Clan.
*We have approx 100 members.
*We are currently Ranked #2 at Top100 Clans



Swat4 USA

Swat4 USA


MC Netherlands


Some History About SUP:

The last time we Ran SUP we had the Number 1 team and Number 2 team for Crysis, also Number 1 team for Crossfire and Swat4.


Contact :

If interested visit us @

Or add me on Steam: vxdoggy
Or Xfire: goaline
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