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Old 04-01-2012, 07:37 PM
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High ping player symptoms

Hi everyone,

I'd like to hear your opinions on now high ping players affect play experience.

High ping kickers have been around for a long time in most FPSes on PC, and they generally improve the play experience. However, I would like to hear you describe in more detail in what ways you perceive that players with high ping make the play experience deteriorate.

If you can, please make your comments specific to the game engine that you are most familiar with.

Examples of game engines that would be of interest:
- BF3 engine
- Source engine (as used in CS:S)
- COD4 engine
- TF2 engine

Here are some symptoms / reasons that I can imagine off the top of my head:

- High ping players are often from Asia or Russia and they behave in a way which I don't like (prone to use cheats, speaks foreign language, has different social norms)

- A high ping player is prone to freeze on occasion, but start moving again a second or so later
- A high ping player is prone to lose the connection entirely and therefore there's no point in having them in the round at all

- A high ping player warps around a lot when on foot
- I warp around a lot when on foot, if there is a high ping player present on the server
- A high ping player warps around a lot when driving vehicles
- I warp around a lot when driving vehicles, if there is a high ping player present on the server
- Driving in vehicles along with a high ping player doesn't work well (why not?)

- In firefights, the high ping player will always die
- In firefights, the high ping player always kill me
- In firefights, both I and the high ping player gets killed more often than normal
- In firefights, I get shot-behind-cover more often than normal
- In firefights, the high-ping-player gets shot-behind-cover more often than normal
- In firefights, ... some of the above happen even when two low-ping-players fight, as soon as there is a high-ping-player present on the server

- Special mechanics (objects which you interact with, etc) don't work well when there is a high-ping player on the server (why not?)

- Anything else not listed above

So, what are your impressions?
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Old 04-01-2012, 11:39 PM
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woowoo woowoo is offline
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I see high ping players have two effects:
1. They cause a general lagginess on the server - usually if there are multiple high pingers. This isn't as noticeable on bf3 as say cod4 but still there.
2. They warp as they move and you often have to shoot in front of them as there seems to be a difference in where they are visually and where the hits register.
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Old 04-02-2012, 04:34 AM
Kalms Kalms is offline
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Thanks Woowoo. Are you able to break down the "general lagginess" statement into something more detailed in the case of BF3? Here are some examples of things which may or may not be happening more frequently:

- your own movement on foot feels sluggish
- entering/exit vehicles happens with a delay
- when driving a tank, the tank's movements are sluggish
- when firing RPGs, the rocket flies away with a delay
- when shooting another player, there is a gap between you shooting + hitting, and the player actually dying
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Old 04-02-2012, 06:08 AM
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Pendragon Pendragon is online now
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Your asking some tricky questions due to how specific you want us to be.

A lot of things that happen in online games will make people scream "Lag..." Ping is one but it does get blamed for a lot more than it's responsible for.

With high ping I don't think complaining about regional play style's is illegitimate. In part due to the international nature of online games. My server is in the UK so the Russians are not "high pingers" and when it comes to player style I have way more complains about American players than Russian. Not their play style as much as their continuous bitching and juvenile behavior. We never see players from the far east but we do get a few from Austria, now their ping can be terrible.

Not since the Alpha of BF:3 have I seen much in the way of elastic banding, or warping, only if I'm having network problems at home. However you do sometimes see players moving about without their legs moving, the server knows enough about their position to update but not the specifics of the type of movement.

With some of the CoD games you would have the situation where the other player was facing you but from your point of view they were side on. You would think they had not seen you only to see the shot leave the end of the weapon at right angles and kill you. Watching from the killcam would show that they were facing you all a long.

With MoH:2010 getting shot when you were in cover was all too common. Duck behind a rock and still get shot in the head! Good thing that game did not have killcam because I'm sure it would happen several times per match.

When it's bad from your end, you sort of know there is something that needs sorting. It's s sign to find a different server closer to home or try to figure out what in your house is sucking all of the bandwidth. Forgetting to turn off your torrents is a common issue with a lot of people.

It gets tricky when it's someone else on the server and the effects are less noticeable or at lease more subtle. A righteous kill where every instinct tells you that you got the drop on them but not this time. A quick check of the score board and yep they are pinging up in the hundreds. Not enough to notice but in effect they are bullet proof, well at least if you are accurate. Cos they are not exactly where they appear. The worse thing about it is the localised effect. you only get the lag when you are near them. So you can be playing fine, till you get close and it all of a sudden goes to shit. Movement becomes sluggish or disjointed your aim is off.

Lets face it lots of strange things happen all the time when playing online. Sometimes it's the game, with things floating in midair or strange physics bending events, The server not being able to keep up with all of the action and things suddenly behaving oddly. With BF:2 if your server was hosted on a box with several others map changing on one of the servers would effect the performance of the others. GSP's putting too many servers per box used to be an issue but I have not seen this with BF:3.

Us server admins have learnt a few trick over the years and kicking anyone with a ping over 100 is one of them... Can we please have auto high ping kick as a server side setting?
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Old 04-02-2012, 07:05 AM
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In Counter-Strike Source I always found that if your ping is 100+ it's hard to do well on servers where the majority of players have a ping of < 50. They usually see and react before you can. I've noticed the same in BF3 for at least TDM where I had a 130 ping and the rest had < 40. Once I jump to a server where I got 60 it was easier to get kills. Since I usually play on UK servers with friends and my ping typically is 130, I do get killed often where the killer has a much lower ping (Sometimes feels like they are cheating).

Since I love melee kills I tend to be close to enemies and I tend to hear "How the hell did you stab me?" more when I have a higher ping. One of my friends on teamspeak said she had a hard time hitting me close up and found she had to shoot the air next to me for the shots to register. She has a 45-55 ping normally. There was even a few cases where I got a take down melee kill where I was over double the maximum range. I knew because I quickly passed the player and press the melee key but was very surprised when the animation kicked in.

I also notice more "double kills" at high ping. ie where both players kill each other with bullets. I used to get that often in BC2 and MoH and was to the point I could actually predict it before the game said we were both killed. I never seen that in BF3 until the Dec 2011 patch. Just to give an idea I made a pic with 36 cases of it:

As for driving vehicles I don't see much difference with high or low ping.

"I swear some rsps should be removed from the trusted provider program for plain stupidity with managing game servers."
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Old 04-02-2012, 08:45 AM
Kalms Kalms is offline
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Kalms is on a distinguished road
Thanks MaydaX / Pendragon,

that's just the right level of specificity.

I'm mostly asking for educational purposes. There are people knowledgeable about these things internally at the company, but it's also good to get the end user's view.

(auto high ping kicker: I know you want it. no promises.)
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