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Additions to list:

Allow IP to be assigned
Allow multiple ports to be used, for both servers and remote connect
Allow A/C to be streamed if it can be
Allow a server name to assigned in config
If ranked allow unranking at will, i.e. keep game fodlers locked but allow addtional folders with FTP access that can be loaded when unranked using cfg, when ranked only load the locked folders.

Allow banning and kicking from console
Allow admin to view Id's and player information from console

Game Browser:
Allow favourites to be saved
Display location of server, by country

P.S.: Pinned a topic on our forums linking to the list and encouraging clans etc to add feedback and support it.

For wizz:
Would be cool if they were available in one place for admins to go grab, we get a lot of people asking for good PB configs and we end up sending them all the over the shop to get good tight set ups.
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