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A few more weeks on, that trip we know, so yes that's to much, we paid and got shit.

Starting early december with that patch 1.2 was in the works and nearly done.
The rest of the story we know, delayed, delayed, on hols, no QA happened as posted, delayed, delayed.

Whoo that was easy to write.

And then we did get the message that there was no /record in patch 1.2, that is a show stopper for any gaming ladder online.

So if you've been told 3/4th years, it's coming and still have no real date, you still truts these liars on a simple word they say or post, cheese, first see all what have been promissed from day ONE "Linux Bins, fully working modtools and proper gamepatch support"

BTW, gameconfigs you can make a backup of, so what's the deal, just let the server provider change your server to another game, and when the game is decently fixed and alive just switch back and put your config copy back, few secs of work.
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