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Client Side: Ability to access RCON without exiting the game - I need the ability to kick send server admin messages or switch maps or any of that Rcon goodness without exiting the game cause I'm a player too... 8-) I know it's basic , and seems like something not needed to be said, but MOH:A shipped without this.

Server Side: Logfiles... I look in logfiles for what problems are and sadly I find very little information from a lot of games about where the relevant files are... or what some of the custom error code they are using are... or the logging lacks any real detail ... or the logging has no debug / info mode ... I just don't know how some of these developers test their systems without decent logging...
Built-in-support for modding and relevant directory structure for maps, mods , skins etc...
No limits for custom maps library Cod2 had those nasty maps limitations that drove me bananas
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