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Originally Posted by woowoo View Post
Yes, PUBG. For reference I'm almost 50.

As a solo this game is heart attack inducing and unforgiving. I play solos but prefer squads. For squads most people use discord to team up. There are "old guy" and "Dads" servers so you can squad up with people of similar temperament. On the main discord servers it is a great melting pot of all players so you can get anyone in your squad. Depends on your mood. I've had some great experiences with a diverse squad.

I never use the in game voip or allow the random squad matching. That would be an asylum.
Thanks for the tip's I been lookin at this game for a few months,but can't just spend $30 on a game to "try" it out LOL
I'll be yakkin with my new clan members & see if they are willing to try it,looks like a tough learning curve though. Thanks again!!!!!
BTW, I have a TS server,if you do GTA V,holler at me,we need a 4th for heists and stuff
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